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  1. Happy father's day...
  2. A wonderful day at Natural Bridge State Park
  3. This past year
  4. Happy Father's Day!
  5. Update: Glad I went
  6. Heading to the Doctor today..
  7. D Day
  8. Let Us Not Forget Them: June 6, 1944:
  9. Don't Wait
  10. Kansas Driving: Road Conditions K-96 or US-50?
  11. California bound...
  12. RIP Tim Samaras- My co-worker and friend
  13. i had dinner tonight with the gunny if this is wrong forum please move
  14. Norm Flayderman
  15. Another one goes Home...
  16. RIP Baby Girl
  17. RIP, Dad
  18. History of Memorial Day
  19. General Logan's General Order #11
  20. My Son Commissioned 5-12-13 USAF 2nd Lt
  21. Lending a Hand
  22. Yeah, I know I'm whining, but ...
  23. A thought for memorial day.....
  24. Oklahoma tornado outbreak
  25. I saw the movie "Bravo!" today, you should too.
  26. Lost my best friend yesterday
  27. A story from the past.
  28. Widow of SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Gives Speech at NRA
  29. My son was at the edge of life or death.
  30. Today is Our Anniversary...
  31. Niece in Crash, prayers and lessons learned
  32. gosh, it's been 39 years...
  33. good news and bad news - needing prayers
  34. Game Ball
  35. Help for a friend please
  36. Checking in. It's been a while
  37. Tom Knapp...........RIP.
  38. Country Music Legend Dies
  39. MMMMM! Top Chef Food & Guns!
  40. "Above and Beyond" Exhibit
  41. For the Dog Lovers...
  42. A Note Grandma Had Me Write To Myself
  43. Seven Marines killed in tragic training accident.
  44. Saying Goodbye to a Faithful Canine Friend Really Hurts...
  45. Pictures from back home
  46. Dad having his cancer removed
  47. Just need to vent or get advice, relationship and custody problems.
  48. Laid to rest, 150 years after the Civil War
  49. Virginia State Trooper killed in Dinwiddie county.
  50. Lawton, OK Policeman Wounded in Gunfight
  51. Local Deputy killed line of duty
  52. How do you give back?
  53. Salute to Armed Forces
  54. My 7 year old son....
  55. Ed Freeman Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipient passed away
  56. please drive safe
  57. What do you see...
  58. Chris Kyle ; funeral, tribute, procession , etc.
  59. I'm moving to Virginia.
  60. Pearl Harbor after visiting hours
  61. Chris Kyle autobiography.
  62. Marine pays a surprise visit to his brother after two years. Try not to tear up.
  63. the Seven Year Non-Itch
  64. Ed Koch, former NYC mayor, RIP 2-1-13
  65. US citizen
  66. 3AM bug-in
  67. What do you collect, other than guns?
  68. Nice story.
  69. Damn Marines Hoorah
  70. So not only am I making my big screen debut Saturday...
  71. Mr. Mom today
  72. Prayer Request
  73. Lost my mom this afternoon!
  74. Lost a buddy today
  75. Request for help and prayers
  76. Just Curious
  77. Happy New Years from Afghanistan!
  78. What a Christmas!
  79. General Norman-Schwarzkopf died 12/27/2012
  80. I have another little story...
  81. What did you get or give for Christmas? (Firearms and/or Firearm Accessories)
  82. Merry Christmas
  83. Let me tell you a little story...
  84. Hey guys! Long time no see.
  85. Men in blue, heros to a child
  86. Had To Let My Dog Go Today
  87. Good news...kind of.
  88. Prayer Request
  89. Shout out to GI's, LEO and First Responders, Merry Season - and God Bless Bob Hope!
  90. This is what Christmas is all about...
  91. A new little magnum has been added to our family!
  92. Rudy's last day
  93. All Forum Members ~ Please Hit This YouTube VIDEO
  94. I draw the line at Guns
  95. You never know
  96. Good News!
  97. It was 35 years ago today
  98. Merry Xmas from the 2A.....
  99. Yuck...
  100. Lost my nephew yesterday.
  101. All my visitors today were former enemies...
  102. I'm back, but different
  103. Happy and Safe Thanksgiving all...
  104. An old war horse
  105. MY SHTF Scenario For 9 Days........
  106. Reflections of Nov. 6th 2012, Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.(long)
  107. Prayers for my parents
  108. Need prayer on a business matter
  109. My nephew was murdered this morning
  110. Loss of a good friend and Former Force Recon Marine
  111. A huge thank you!
  112. Long day, long week.
  113. The world lost a good one late last night.
  114. Grandmother diagnosed with advanced cancer
  115. I need prayers for my son Scotty.
  116. My Dad is Terminal
  117. Prayers for my Grandfather
  118. New family member and watch dog in training.
  119. Thinking of becoming EMT
  120. 2 year old dead from self inflicted gun shot
  121. Good news/bad news - moving to California
  122. Six Year Anniversary
  123. Bad luck
  124. Where were you on 9/11/01?
  125. My September 11th Birthday
  126. Eight Weeks Old...
  127. Gun Show Western WI this weekend
  128. Maori Farewell for Three Kiwi Troops
  129. Taking a Trip looking for some help
  130. RIP -- Jim Mullins, Jr.
  131. Katie is gone
  132. RIP: Mark Craighead, owner/founder Crossbreed
  133. More bad news
  134. Prayers for quick and complete recovery
  135. I'm a Grandpa!
  136. Cardioversion, again
  137. In retrospect...
  138. This man's best friend lost
  139. Grand-Dad.... again!
  140. First Time Father!
  141. Itís a Miracle
  142. Anyone else have a problem with unlimited terms for Senators and Congressmen?
  143. Hardest day of my life
  144. Death of a Hero of Heartbreak Ridge
  145. My grandmother has passed.
  146. Prayers requested, Father in Law passed
  147. Newest member of the family.
  148. Won Soldier of the Month!
  149. Update on my Son, ie neurological condition....
  150. A truly great day at the range
  151. Father In Law Passed Away
  152. Happy be-lated fourth of July from Afghanistan!
  153. I am a new dad!
  154. Before it's too late!
  155. The sheriff who never carried a gun
  156. Virginia and East Coast Members: Be Safe
  157. First Day of My Second Retirement...
  158. Welcome the newest family member
  159. Sad day for me at the range.
  160. TAPS...The Story Behind It
  161. BugDude FIL passed today
  162. how often do we pray for others?
  163. Where's Duk?
  164. In Honor of D-Day's 68th Anniversary
  165. RIP Paul Gomez - Gomez Intl.
  166. How ironic...........
  167. My buddies brother in law was KIA in Afghanistan....
  168. Not a good couple of days...
  169. Where To Stay In Virginia Beach?
  170. Family traveling to Nicarargua
  171. Today is our 26th Anniversary
  172. Memorial Day, every day of the year - enjoy. Pipes and US Marine Corps Band! (Video)
  173. Blew my back out today.
  174. Specific friends on Memorial Day
  175. My screen just got blurry...
  176. Recovery
  177. Sister in law with Crohn's disease.
  178. The Documents You Need Before You Die or Get Real Darn Sick!
  179. Relay for Life
  180. BugDude FIL Update
  181. Marine's Final Act of Valor
  182. In need of prayers
  183. How I Became a Hired Gun
  184. Prayers requested for My Dad
  185. I.O.U.
  186. Prayers requested for a 2A brother
  187. Honor Flight
  188. A Story Worth Sharing
  189. Skidboot ; a great dog's story
  190. A soldier, a hero, but more important my friend
  191. Levon Helm dead at 71
  192. Sad day....I need your prayers
  193. R.I.P. Jim Marshall
  194. attention Kindle users
  195. To Kill The One You Love
  196. New Grand Daughter
  197. My baby is gone
  198. Banjo Great...Earl Scruggs....died 03-28-2012
  199. More prayers please!
  200. Daughter update 2
  201. By Chance or by Master Artist?
  202. Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio roll call
  203. Son is born, Colton James
  204. Boss's wife passed last night.
  205. Health Insurance, HELP!!!!
  206. Need help with a MBA Marketing class
  207. had a GREAT day today!
  208. Passing of a HERO
  209. Bad day
  210. 100 Pounds Lost, before and after pics
  211. Surgery on Tuesday, Could Use a Prayer or Two!!
  212. Going "under" tomorrow - prayers appreciated.
  213. It's official!
  214. UPDATE: Possible move home
  215. prayers needed
  216. Our Second Grandchild
  217. A mother reaches around the world. A Navy vet's survival at sea.
  218. Detroit police sergeant Almondo Greer-Travis dies
  219. ANOTHER local officer shot in the head.
  220. A forgotten battle...
  221. I met a hero today.
  222. Well wishes and good thoughts requested
  223. Prayers needed:
  224. Farewell to " The Last Free Man in America
  225. Brighter days.
  226. A true hero passes away.
  227. Daughter update
  228. Survived the Christmas Trip to Illinois
  229. Expecting first child!
  230. Just a quick update on all of our family ills of 2011
  231. Lost a companion today.
  232. My grandmother is in the hospital again.
  233. Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project
  234. Prayers needed for a Brother Paramedic
  235. Prayer's need
  236. A family tradition @ Christmas (probably NOT what you think)
  237. Anonymous Donors Paying Off K-Mart Layaway Accounts
  238. After a year maybe a job.
  239. Disgusted, PO'd, Heartsick, and Mad as a Wet Hen............Stupid Shooters!!!!!!!!!!
  240. Looking for suggestions on Optics for an AR.
  241. Calling all LEOs
  242. Huge scare this morning....
  243. Baby Reload is Here! Pics @ Post 41
  244. Accident-I was really lucky today
  245. Here is a story for you...that happened last night
  246. A Very Sad Day
  247. My back
  248. Critical information for veterans!!!!
  249. A big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  250. Prayers needed