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  1. Sack Lunches
  2. Parents/Grandparents worst Nightmare
  3. Prayers needed
  4. I'm in LOVE!!!!!
  5. Prayers for S/O Oliver
  6. Mother needs prayers...updated post 11
  7. Shoulder reconstruction
  8. RIP Cody Prestwood
  9. 2 weeks early but......
  10. Prayers needed for one of my Capts
  11. Restoring Honor Rally (video)
  12. Back From Ft. Benning
  13. Finally, a Girl!!
  14. More knee surgery.
  15. My trip to the beaches of Normandy.
  16. My favorite Uncle died last night. My eulogy to him.
  17. Patriot Guard Riders
  18. Quitting Smoking - My progress thread
  19. The family reunion update and seeing my father. " I ranted a tad "
  20. Leaving for Maryland on Wednesday!
  21. My Bro passed yesterday...........
  22. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day.
  23. Another death of someone close.
  24. I will see my father very soon and a lot is running through my head.
  25. Goodbye to a Loyal and Faithful Companion
  26. Another fallen Marine.
  27. New addition to the family
  28. I'm A Grandfather
  29. Please Read
  30. Added a new member to the family.
  31. Had to put family dog down today
  32. RIP J. God Rest Your Soul.
  33. Bob Ford
  34. Prayer for Friend of mine and his family
  35. A few cool wedding pictures
  36. Stress
  37. Anniversary
  38. anbody got a good spell to shake off whatever is stuck to me?
  39. My Lab had another seizure
  40. Lost A Family Pet Yesterday
  41. Just watched a good friend have a seizure.
  42. My dad died a few hours ago.
  43. Employed again!
  44. Four years
  45. My cancer is back
  46. Just wanted to give an update about my relationship with my dad.
  47. Dear Daddy: What my daughter wrote in a card.
  48. My Grandson just arrived!
  49. Promotion
  50. I am a very happily married man....
  51. Prayers for my cousin - Wounded in combat
  52. Problems with hearing.
  53. Remembering Sam, and others like him.....
  54. Update on my 2 year old niece's murder
  55. Will be Away till early October
  56. Mom had a heart attack this morning
  57. Cowboy Up Garrett's Journey
  58. My wife is having surgery right now
  59. God Bless Our Servicemen/Women
  60. Diabetes Fundraiser
  61. My Grandfather died this morning.
  62. The voice of reason "how hard it can be"
  63. Prayers needed
  64. Mother-In-Law
  65. My dad rushed to the emergency room in Maryland
  66. Batton down the Hatches Folks
  67. Puttin up the EDC for a while
  68. Vietnam, 35 years later (pictures)
  69. Member Update
  70. Officially DISCHARGED from the US Marine Corps DEP--UPDATE post 130
  71. Food Ministry
  72. It's a Boy!
  73. Please Help Us Welcome Our First Grandchild!
  74. Needs some prayers.
  75. Today I turned the big 40
  76. Mother's Day Is Coming
  77. Might lose another job due to the way I am (long post)
  78. Wow. Things happen in three's!!!!
  79. Death of 'Caveman'
  80. Prayers needed for Fire Fighter
  81. Lost One of My Best Canine Friends Today
  82. Mom's Brain Cancer is Back...
  83. So Many Needs in this Forum
  84. Lost a friend tonight
  85. An update just because you people have been so great. I called my father.
  86. To forgive my father or not.
  87. Mom Died
  88. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  89. There is no better way to put it.....
  90. Breaking in a new Shep
  91. My Uncle Died
  92. Happy Easter & a health update
  93. A long hard road comes to a pleasant end!
  94. Handicapped pastor with a gun update!
  95. An update for those of you that remember
  96. New Job
  97. Prayers please
  98. Perpetual good week thread.
  99. Got a new Job
  100. I may need to play the Rainbow Bridge; UPDATE, Gus is feeling better!
  101. 2 year anniversary
  102. unemployed again
  103. Police Academy
  104. Comfortably numb
  105. Iraq is the only place I know of where.....
  106. One less WWII veteran
  107. Back to the classroom I go!
  108. Prayers for my dad, please.
  109. For Rosa Blaum
  110. We started playing piano w/ my 5 y/o
  111. Mom died yesterday
  112. An Update and a Prayer!
  113. Dealing with loss of pet
  114. Update...
  115. Prayers needed for an ornery patient
  116. All you gun toters, show me your Grandbabys!
  117. I need prayers!
  118. Dad's in Hospital
  119. Pray for my father...
  120. 100 days Celebration
  121. Semper Fi, Ray Vivier
  122. Goin' under the knife...
  123. Daughter Made Bethesda Med School!
  124. Dad is in the hospital again...
  125. Mrs ExSoldier's Father
  126. A second interview
  127. Heaven couldn't wait any longer
  128. Miep Gies ... dies @ 100 yrs old (Anne Frank)
  129. PTSD
  130. Home Again
  131. I got the job!!!!!!!!!
  132. 2-year-old Drowning Victim's Headstone Stolen, Family Devastated Again
  133. Final Interview tomorrow morning!
  134. Got a job
  135. Divine Intervention???
  136. Other shoulder surgery stories ??
  137. Round two...
  138. My newest and most important reason to carry.
  139. FINALLY! A Job Interview!
  140. Good Guy Report
  141. Mom Died Christmas Day
  142. Another sleepless night after a fire (my daughter's) home
  143. Today is my younger brothers 40th birthday!
  144. Praying for the DC Family
  145. Sworn in today!!
  146. What a Great Community
  147. Boss is in the hospital
  148. Adoptions -- fail and accidental success
  149. Merry Christmas!
  150. Raise Your Flag
  151. Surgery set for Dec. 22... Need Prayers Please...
  152. Blown away
  153. Sleepless night after the fire......
  154. Finally got a job!
  155. Prayer for my Brother in law
  156. On my way home...
  157. Interview follow up
  158. Lump's First Birthday
  159. I'm another member needing prayers/luck on job interview!
  160. Having a hard time dealing
  161. Wish me luck! Second interview!
  162. Cardioversion for Atrial Fibrillation
  163. A new Christmas Poem
  164. Need your good thoughts.
  165. I lost a Nephew this week...Need Prayers
  166. Prayer for Dad
  167. Also post on Conservative strong hold, Lets say thanks to our military
  168. Asking for prayers
  169. Kiddo got the Swine Flu
  170. Parental help
  171. Prayer request for a job...
  172. Veterans Day video
  173. We lost 9 heroes last week.
  174. The D word came a'callin last week....
  175. Might Need Spinal Cord Stimulator...Anybody know about them...
  176. I need some serious advice on possible adoption please!
  177. found a job
  178. Nephew Passed today
  179. My neighbours wife passed away suddenly today.
  180. Dog Lovers & Veterans... something to consider
  181. Weight Loss
  182. It is NOT cancer!
  183. Bunny hibernation is almost over! :)
  184. Please pray for my father...
  185. When a friend calls for help...
  186. My only child left tonight for Indiana
  187. Funeral for a Vet today!
  188. Lost a Canine Friend of 7 Years...
  189. Marriage Announcement
  190. Prayers for fellow soldiers
  191. Pray for Cane and grieve for the donor baby
  192. Please pray for my best friend's family
  193. Prayers needed
  194. My friend Brandon
  195. Could use prayers. Blood in urine...again.
  196. Been offline for awhile, NOT by choice
  197. We have a new son!!! (or daughter, we don't really know)
  198. I need your prayers
  199. Remembering Scott H., a fine local deputy
  200. Yet another loss
  201. Prayers for the Rawles Family
  202. Well the wife pulled it off again
  203. Well, my cousin no longer matters......
  204. Very Sad and hard to deal with!
  205. Goodbye for awhile my friends.
  206. Cleveland County,OK DA decides not to charge mother in daughters death
  207. September 11th is just around the corner...
  208. New Family Member
  209. Stepfather passed today...
  210. Prayers for fellow soldiers
  211. Moving to new State
  212. Good News for a change!
  213. A little sad today....
  214. rip
  215. Donation in memory of Terry Crouch (Captain Crunch)
  216. Mother-In-Law Passed Away
  217. Mom diagnosed with brain cancer...updated see post 107
  218. Prayers for Mr and Mrs ExSoldier
  219. Bob Novak dead at 78
  220. My sad story about Amy
  221. Uhhhh... can't believe I'm the one who has to say it...
  222. Son moved out
  223. Mother-in-law needs prayers
  224. Prayers Needed for my Wife
  225. Rest In Peace Captain Crunch - Continue to Pray for the Family
  226. A great Saturday with my daughter
  227. Thank you!
  228. American Soldiers ARE NOT Heroes
  229. 33% wage cut
  230. Rest in Peace, I love you Trinity
  231. I asked her!
  232. Update from my other post "Prayers, needed badly"
  233. Prayers please
  234. I don't understand suicide
  235. Heart Cath in the morning
  236. New DC member
  237. Glad to be alive
  238. Daughter injured in NJ
  239. Please join me in welcoming my son into the world
  240. It's Official-I Survived...
  241. I'm done
  242. Failed surgery
  243. Big boy
  244. RIP Darrell "Shifty" Powers (Band of Brothers)
  245. Rest in Peace, Jeff Dorr
  246. Walter Cronkite passes at 92
  247. My Co-worker fatality shot himself cleaning his pistol
  248. Pray for my Grandson
  249. New addition to the family
  250. In need of Prayer, badly