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  1. Be gone for awhile
  2. As they wheeled him off.
  3. Update: Home from the Hospital
  4. I'm a Grandpaw!
  5. Going under the knife...Tues. a.m., me, too!
  6. Going under the knife... Tuesday morning
  7. Yesterday Was A Sad Day
  8. ARGOS is here!
  9. Update: Orthrepedic visit tomorrow.
  10. Well wishes and prayers requested
  11. Met my daughter's soon to be in-laws (gun related)
  12. Signing off for a while....
  13. A rant about America
  14. My WWI Grandfather
  15. It's a boy!!!
  16. 2 Years cancer free
  17. Adding to the 4 legged family soon...I hope!
  18. A Great Neighbor: Served His Country: Unassuming and Quiet
  19. Prayers needed...
  20. A bit out of the loop.
  21. A bad moment today.
  22. My new companions/guard dogs
  23. Grand-Mother died at 103
  24. My ill Dad and receiving a WWII veterans medal
  25. My Mom Passed Away
  26. Grandpa Again
  27. Radio Icon Passes on(merged)
  28. Community and Charity
  29. My dad passed away about an hour ago.
  30. Please pray!
  31. First Grandchild
  32. Garrett Protective Association
  33. At home, recovering...
  34. Better sleep coming tonite
  35. Very Good Read For All!!
  36. .....and again!!
  37. Grandpa again!
  38. A new Pgrass is here!!!!!
  39. Been a busy couple days !
  40. In Memory of LT Zac Cook
  41. Whew, finally the weekend!
  42. 1 year anniversary
  43. Never too early to learn
  44. Long time gone, may be back around again...
  45. I'm Back -- again!
  46. My new little helper
  47. A little nervous
  48. Need Prayers
  49. Help if you can (6 year old boy's last wish)
  50. If you ever said ...... and didn't know a way (supporting returning troops)
  51. Just wanted to tell everyone
  52. Need a couple prayers for my Son
  53. Its my turn...
  54. Given a new chance at life
  55. Lost an old Friend
  56. Lump has arrived (Pics in post #114)
  57. Lucky the dog
  58. Grandson on the way!!!
  59. Gray Eagles
  60. Well, there goes my Ammo Fund........
  61. A truely great man has passed
  62. A "Titanic" range day.
  63. I need prayer
  64. Need advice on how to help a friend in his child custody battle
  65. The sack lunch
  66. Important Health News From the VA. Now facing a decision....
  67. Remember when life was this simple?
  68. Gonna be a grampa
  69. New Baby Girl
  70. Message From Lou Alessi & Post Get Well! & Prayers For Lou
  71. Old Dogs are the Best Dogs
  72. Here we go again.... knee surgery (updated)
  73. Found out last Sunday..
  74. Meet my new granddaughter
  75. Family Dog is going to sleep tomorrow...
  76. Hospital Visit
  77. Special Agent Stephen E. Sullivan
  78. How do you define "HERO"
  79. That's my girl
  80. My Grandma
  81. I'm going to have a son!!!
  82. Interview!
  83. OCS Graduation
  84. Blood in urine
  85. Thirty-seven Years Ago...
  86. Lost my constant companion
  87. Home, Sweet Home - and stuff.
  88. I'm starting to feel like an old man
  89. Monsters and the Weak
  90. My son has gone and done it now
  91. Got hitched.. and I love TN!!!
  92. Work related travels
  93. slimjim is a new DAD!!!
  94. Best friend From High school Died last night.
  95. What choices in life?
  96. My dad just passed away
  97. Just thinking about a buddy and thought I'd share
  98. Sad Night for Both the Wife and Me...
  99. Please light a candle for Jess
  100. Sad News...
  101. Chris Nielsen a very good LEO passes.
  102. Family Friends Lost Their Baby Girl
  103. How long ?
  104. Be off-line for a few days
  105. I'm Back
  106. Another great 4th with the family (pics)
  107. Former Sen. Jesse Helms dies at 86
  108. Proud Daddy again!
  109. LEO trading cards fight pediatric cancer
  110. My sister's dog
  111. Uncle of Two UPDATE with Pics
  112. My niece
  113. Career change!
  114. To our Veterans and active duty personnel on Memorial Day.
  115. Wife's mom
  116. Proud of our son
  117. Son is Graduating Tomorrow
  118. He taught me how to look for snakes
  119. Grandfather in grave condition
  120. Good News - uncle's cancer in remission!!
  121. Need your prayers NOW
  122. A Tearful "Thank-You"
  123. Off topic thanks for to the mod team
  124. "Grandma Frances"
  125. Our Baby, Lump, Can Do the Cha-Cha
  126. Taken from the THR
  127. Tribute to Heston
  128. My Grandfather
  129. Teetered on the Edge of Hell Today… (long post)
  130. Charlton Heston Has Died! (Merged)
  131. Grandmas Funeral today
  132. 12 month check up
  133. Brought my kids to court yesterday...
  134. Everyone, JD and I would like to introduce Lump...
  135. I have another reason for CCW!
  136. Condition Clueless this weekend
  137. Neighbor boy killed
  138. Alzheimers
  139. Nose Surgery/Pistol Range
  140. Happy Birthday Limatunes!
  141. WWll Vets and all Veterans Thank You !!!!
  142. Abilene PD's newest Rookie Officer
  143. Wisdom teeth
  144. Cataract surgery
  145. Charitable Auction: Winchester Model 1885 Single Shot !
  146. Having Surgery Tomorrow
  147. The Last Range Visit
  148. Just a little
  149. My Son is in ICU (Updated)
  150. Message from a soldier serving in Iraq
  151. My Father Died this morning
  152. Outdoor legend Grits Gresham dies
  153. 1st cousin passed
  154. Ray Chapman Has Passed Away
  155. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser
  156. Tornado Alley
  157. Prayers and wish me luck (its good,..I got a new job)
  158. Need to take a break for a few.
  159. Dad-Da
  160. Soldier care package ideas?
  161. Son deploys tomorrow
  162. Forum member A1C Lickey in Iraq
  163. R.I.P. Adam - 1999-2008
  164. Pistol Instructor: RIP, Jim
  165. Something from 2 years back
  166. Unconditional love
  167. Kids and marriage
  168. Would appreciate all prayers
  169. Accepted into local Police Academy!
  170. My grandfather passed away today
  171. New Grand daughter
  172. dr_cmg
  173. My Sister!! Prayers!!!
  174. Quick Update
  175. Some bad news...
  176. Please say a prayer
  177. Quality Time with Daughter.
  178. A friend remembered
  179. Congratulations to New Dad Superhouse15!!!!
  180. My Dog is getting put to sleep tonight
  181. Looks Like I Finally Have Work!!!
  182. Another one on the way :)
  183. My Dad.
  184. Firefighter funeral today.
  185. A different Christmas poem
  186. Nervous Autistic Anthem Singer Gets Help From Supportive Fenway Crowd
  187. R.I.P John Hester
  188. Kidney Transplant!
  189. Prayers Needed For Wife Looking At Possible Brain Surgery
  190. Brain surgery on turkey-day
  191. Text a Thanksgiving Thank you To Our Warriors
  192. On being thankful.....
  193. I like this idea
  194. Anyone else do this?
  195. Interview went great- how is OR?
  196. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Foundation
  197. Please Help Our Troops...
  198. letssaythanks.com
  199. Bad day Today
  200. A little good news
  201. My Daughter ..
  202. I admit it. I'm a proud papa. :)
  203. Had a good day
  204. If things seem to get on top of you.
  205. Hey, folks.
  206. Where to go? What to do?
  207. Remembering my daughter-in-law
  208. Post-surgery recovery going well
  209. Good for another month
  210. Tom357's doing okay, things are looking up
  211. Please send up a prayer for some special friends
  212. Family Loses 2nd Son; 3rd Brother Serves
  213. Lost a friend
  214. My wonderful weekend...
  215. Best friend died
  216. She's gone...
  217. Proud parent thread!
  218. The Legend of Jelly Bryce
  219. Time for a change
  220. My friend was beaten and raped
  221. Need some prayers
  222. For my Brothers....
  223. The um..long walk down the aisle.
  224. Sometimes the BG is ourselves
  225. Hard to Beat Bad Genetics
  226. She said "SHUT UP!!!"
  227. Cancer Free.... for another 3 months !
  228. need your prayers... please
  229. It's a boy
  230. RIP: James LeRoy
  231. Not really sure where else to go with this...
  232. DaveT
  233. I had a baby.
  234. 25 year L.E.O. career over
  235. Jim Cirillo passes ... merged
  236. Made up my mind
  237. ISP Trooper Killed in My Hometown
  238. A hearty thanks to our service men and women on this 4th.
  239. Planning my own funeral
  240. Big changes coming
  241. Friend has Leukemia
  242. Killed in Iraq
  243. A pause to remember our Bob Ford.
  244. Prayers for the family of Dan Mackin
  245. How 'feelgood'' can be two way.
  246. prayers for Carl Chandler's family and friends
  247. Some changes in my life
  248. really nice story found on GT.COM
  249. My son joins the USMC
  250. A salute to fathers