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  1. When the tomatoes don't do well...
  2. chemo and range qualifications
  3. My son's kind heart
  4. In Remerberance : The OKC bombing
  5. Just checking in.
  6. LEO firearms training gone bad.
  7. A Bitter Sweet Day
  8. Daddy Died
  9. Thanking a World War II Veteran
  10. Prayers for Pop!
  11. wife update 3/26/15
  12. Being Mortal
  13. Prayers needed please
  14. Mom went home.
  15. My Father
  16. Brother VietNam Vet
  17. I Got Great News About A Friend With Pancriatic Cancer Today
  18. They're saying not much longer now.
  19. The haircut I didn't want to have to do. {Dad Update}
  20. It has arrived - gun belt
  21. I'm a Nana!
  22. Helping my Boss
  23. Friends sent this to my family
  24. Ferguson, Mo
  25. Final Update
  26. Update on mom.
  27. Update on dad
  28. Last "Bucket List" trip completed
  29. Farewell Mr Spock
  30. Proud Moment for Mom and Dad
  31. A sad day is coming...
  32. Vehicle Totaled
  33. Returning a Prayer
  34. Some really cool bosses
  35. Autistic Boys Birthday Party And His Special Friends
  36. new gunbelt for deaconswife
  37. Prayers for my Dad
  38. Just Check'in in; about to get things lined out
  39. Prayers needed for fellow members - UPDATE Feb 15
  40. Forgot how to drive & Dad update
  41. I think mom is getting close.
  42. Truck's in the Shop I need prayers to keep bill down to Reasonable levels
  43. PLEASE, if any of you have Military with PTSD. Add LEO/First Responders
  44. Proud Dad moment!
  45. well, here comes the anger and shame
  46. The story of the Star Spangled Banner
  47. surgery update
  48. my Mom passed yesterday morning...
  49. My Father may not be with us much longer.
  50. Well, new hip tomorrow...
  51. A brief tribute to Monty = our brother. American Hero = we should all be like Monty
  52. Neck surgery time
  53. A Texas Goodbye....... The Chris Kyle Funeral
  54. Where is Glockman10mm?
  55. Slow Food and Memories....
  56. Another Surprise Hospital Stay
  57. Surprise hospital stay
  58. Shoulder surgery time
  59. An Important Message For All Forum Members. Old & New.
  60. New knee tomorrow (Tuesday)
  61. the Glockman
  62. I lost a close and dear friend Saturday night.
  63. Lost a Much Loved Family Member
  64. Gun store robbery victim
  65. Lambing season Last nights triplets
  66. Going in for knee surgery tomorrow
  67. Greatest people on earth
  68. Feeling down
  69. 8 years of being a member
  70. Goodbye Skydog
  71. A worthy cause
  72. I'm proud of my wife
  73. Buy your own gift?
  74. A Soldiers Christmas
  75. Christmas Eve 1896
  76. Christmas isn't what I thought it was - gifts received
  77. Wishing all a happy, blessed, and merry CHRISTMAS!
  78. Maines' New Indoor Shooting Range
  79. Some memories make you smile
  80. This is the best medicine!
  81. Somethings wrong with DAD
  82. For those of us who've had our lives changed by Cancer
  83. There we were, crawling on our hands and knees.......
  84. Remembering Pearl Harbor Day
  85. Daddy update
  86. Help Dying Utah Girl Celebrate Her Last Christmas
  87. Our sixth (and final) child arrived last night!
  88. Thanksgiving occurrence
  89. Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving
  90. I lost a good companion today
  91. Small kids and guns
  92. Dogs of War on A&E
  93. Why did my post get moved??
  94. Outstanding Charity I urge you all to consider!! Please Read.
  95. Thank You Veterans
  96. Need Help Badly
  97. Sad and sudden news
  98. Tribal knowledge
  99. Feeling cynical? Find a Veteran
  100. My new baby girl!
  101. Lisl von Schlaf is 2 today...
  102. Prayers for my brother
  103. Did one of the hardest things I ever had to do today
  104. So we moved.....
  105. Long belated reunion coming up
  106. Bad bad day in ER
  107. Fell today- It looks like I'll be restricted for awhile- Prayers Appreciated
  108. Looking for some advice...
  109. Here's A Great Cop, This Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye.
  110. A memorial for veterans who lived
  111. Urgent prayers needed
  112. Freedom Park, Cary NC
  113. A night to remember, or forget...
  114. Hospice questions?
  115. Please pray
  116. Eternal Peace Aboard the USS Arizona
  117. "Good news" Thread in Honor of ChaplainScott
  118. Emergency surgery for Dad
  119. Preparing for my death.........
  120. I came out from under a rock
  121. 35 years today
  122. Got the word about an hour and a half ago.
  123. Just another thought of an old man
  124. Different but the same
  125. Lost a CO worker today!
  126. My new Granddaughter!
  127. Panera Bread requests no pistols
  128. Pathology report back..........
  129. Gus Campo
  130. How do you console a friend...
  131. Ah, well, just got out of the hospital
  132. The (traveling) Wall
  133. Not sure where this should go...
  134. Rough times for the family
  135. Another veteran, a great man, passes away
  136. Had to say good bye to my girl
  137. Napa Earthquake
  138. FIL passed away today
  139. A talk with my father yesterday/WWII vet
  140. Can I Count On A Lot Of You Incredible D.C. Members To Do This?
  141. Robin Williams Dead, Apparent Suicide!
  142. A Tragedy That Didn't Need To Happen
  143. Wish me luck please!
  144. Surprise of my life
  145. A moment of your time = Sled Driver, a real one.............. Good Speed!
  146. RIP friend and member JohnLeVick
  147. Daddy: Updated #689 August 23
  148. RIP my friend Randy
  149. Last Surviving Enola Gay Crew Member Passes
  150. Semper Fi - Thank God for True Americans - Fallen Marine's Flag returned to Mom
  151. Florida Mosquito Virus.....
  152. Who wants to help a little girl who needs heart surgery?
  153. Angels Journey
  154. Need to change my screen name
  155. FYI shout out = Good Cause for our Viet Vets = Repect, as always
  156. The hardest thing I've ever had to do...
  157. Prayers for mom.
  158. Osprey close and personal
  159. Malaysia Airliner Shot Down
  160. The Big Lessons
  161. Makes a Dad proud...
  162. Dear Employee at the Range...
  163. How do you feel ?
  164. My jaw just hit the floor!
  165. Stand and be proud These guys are AWSOME!
  166. A Homicide in New Hampshire
  167. Twelve Years Ago Today, We Lost A Good One
  168. Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar inventor, dies at 90
  169. Good and Bad
  170. Military past and present
  171. RIP Casey Kasem
  172. for all you Dads - wishing you a Happy Fathers Day
  173. God Speed - Afghanistan: Dogs of War
  174. Countdown to 31 Dec 14
  175. Wow Fathersday present
  176. 1 yr on DC
  177. Hay season
  178. Looking For A Monument In San Antonio Texas
  179. Need prayer
  180. Prayer for family
  181. LEO suggested ankle bracelet or invisible fence
  182. Amazing tribute: 70 years after the Holocaust
  183. The week before Memorial Day
  184. The Four Chaplains - Remembrance for Memorial day
  185. Thought I'd Share Some Pictures from Normandy
  186. Please! Prayers for my buddy Otis
  187. Trying to Quit Drinking
  188. Nice day for a walk with a friend
  189. Prayer's for our daughter, Emily , please and TY!
  190. Please say a prayer for my daughter.
  191. Need some advice and maybe some help
  192. Visiting Switzerland
  193. Guns: First love?
  194. Happy Easter
  195. Here's my son!
  196. Threats to our way of life. Not gun related
  197. It's a Boy!
  198. Please say a little prayer Update Post 45 4/17/2014 #62
  199. Twins and a new gun... well not really
  200. 25th Anniversary ideas needed
  201. Spring Break or Easter Vacation?
  202. Got a new Job
  203. Are Lima and JD Missing?
  204. Got a new job...
  205. please pray for my mom
  206. Prayers for my Daddy Updated 6/14 Post #186
  207. Member Pro2A
  208. Proud and worried
  209. Recognition
  210. Prayers for my Dad, please!
  211. One gun grabber in deep trouble
  212. Thank you to everyone for your support....
  213. Just lost a family member
  214. My dad is in the ER! Prayers
  215. Almost 1 Year
  216. Update on Mom.
  217. I need help...
  218. Another MoH recipient has passed on.
  219. PET scan is clear!!
  220. Prayers for Faith.
  221. Cancer battle--brief update
  222. Thoughts and Prayers
  223. Could use prayers for my son: Updates 12 28 2014 #520
  224. Gold For Canada In Womens Hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Nancy Grace to Piers Morgan: You know, you Brits taking our stuff is why we have 2A..
  226. On Safari in Texas
  227. Richard Cabela RIP
  228. Memories of times gone by
  229. Any Tennis Elbow victims?
  230. Prayers for my grandmother
  231. Any Masons/Shriners here?
  232. RIP Sheriff Winders
  233. Finished cancer treatments
  234. Young Hero:A fourth-grade boy died in a fire in a home fire Penfield, N.Y.,
  235. Another MoH recipricant passed on.
  236. What goes around comes around
  237. Grand Teton Climb?
  238. Members in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX or Augusta, GA areas
  239. For Us that have lost a Father..
  240. Please pray for my mother and my family.
  241. Quick cancer treatments update
  242. It's a...
  243. Peace on earth and to us! Oops = 2014? Survived this Long?
  244. Lost my buddy...
  245. Military Service Records?
  246. Thanks, and Merry Christmas
  247. Merry Christmas for my 2000th post
  248. Merry Christmas to my extended family
  249. If you pray my mom could use some...
  250. Car Seat Question