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  1. Everything comes full circle I guess...
  2. Lost my Dad last Monday
  3. I let my anger get the best of me
  4. Anyone had their gallbladder removed?
  5. Lost my Best Buddy Yesterday
  6. My little buddy passed this morning...
  7. GrayZ is apparently a tabby!
  8. Old timers club
  9. Chris kyle memorial in my town...
  10. travel to Oregon/Washington
  11. Oilfield downfall....
  12. Name my gray kitten
  13. Independence Day
  14. I quit smoking in Nov 2015
  15. My cat Barker had only one kitten
  16. Prayers Needed
  17. Introducing a new citizen; and gun rights advocate!!
  18. Still here, alive and kind of well
  19. I Saw BugDude Today
  20. A fatal mistake
  21. Lost a brother in law last night, a rocket scientist...
  22. A good friend and cowqorker lost his unborn daughter...
  23. The world lost a great man today.
  24. Kilt her a bar when she was only tree!
  25. Better than good news:
  26. The little garden
  27. veggie gardening with grandson
  28. Completely blindsided at work today...
  29. First Tattoo - Very personal
  30. NRA convention in KY
  31. A little perspective for our liberal friends regarding torture
  32. I could use a prayer guys.
  33. Happy mother's day!
  34. Louisville ky nra exhibit passes for non members
  35. Dr.'s gave up on Grandmaw
  36. R.I.P. Pat Rogers
  37. Happy Sunday pic
  38. Prayers and Good thoughts Please !
  39. Newest editions to the family
  40. Grandma is 100 today
  41. Say hello to maxwell everyone
  42. RIP Patrick Tllman-NFL to Army Ranger
  43. 2016 is not shaping up well
  44. Flynn. Newest memeber at our house.
  45. Uncle wants his ashes spread in Colorado, need ideas.
  46. With heavy heart I note that a fellow USMC MOH hero has passed
  47. 30 for 30
  48. Ideas On Mold Issue:
  49. My little angel in heaven
  50. In case someone noticed
  51. Have you ever had a bad week
  52. Old Friend and Soldier Passed Away
  53. A fatal mistake
  54. My buddy of 13 years has passed on
  55. 6 years old today
  56. Feeling terrible....
  57. Prayers and Wisdom Needed
  58. Easter
  59. Got 5 new guns
  60. Prayers for my older brother
  61. Been away for a bit
  62. RIP......Uncle Richie.
  63. Wedding Day for my Daughter!
  64. RIP TLG Pistol-Forum/Glock Gadget
  65. My newest Grandson!
  66. Wounded Warriors . Executives rip off
  67. Greed
  68. Update... long road ahead for my gmaw
  69. Prayers needed for my grandmother
  70. Just found out I lost a friend Monday.
  71. Smoky Mountain Picture
  72. A letter from the Rainbow Bridge
  73. Say hello to my newest family member
  74. DC Forum Spring Get Together:
  75. Peace in our time
  76. I'm gonna be a daddy
  77. RIP Ron (Ridurall forum member)
  78. 18 years
  79. My wife is awesome!
  80. So VERY THANKFUL for your prayers--I am STILL here.
  81. Where in the heck is Gman?
  82. Need some advice
  83. Might have missed the thread - Any of our members flooded? Everyone safe?
  84. Other carry pistols besides my 1911's
  85. R. I. P. lemmy kilmeister
  86. Daughter shooting my 40
  87. Texas Members:
  88. Rain rain& more rain
  89. 'Hug Lady' who embraced military and faith dead at 83
  90. Greetings
  91. Lost a good friend
  92. The Cole Rogers story
  93. Army time coming to an end
  94. My wife outdid me.
  95. Prayers - Aunt lost 2nd daughter
  96. Final update.... Peace has come
  97. A new perspective on BATTLING
  98. Update: Prayers for Matt
  99. I hope we all can face our test with this much courage...
  100. Glenn Campbell
  101. Going to pick up a WWII Vet for Thanksgiving feast today.
  102. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  103. Suicide
  104. Little Bit of a Freakout
  105. "Never Give Up. Never Quit."
  106. Update to the update.... My friend matt
  107. Aint that a kick in the pants
  108. Been Gone A While
  109. I had to have my best friend put down last night.
  110. Have lost another friend.
  111. May I introduce you to the US Navy's newest Sailor
  112. Prayers, thoughts, and a gofundme set up for one of our members
  113. Interesting: Utah 18-year-old in foster care fights for right to own gun
  114. Newest member of the family
  115. Update:Barry The Bagelman
  116. Update: prayers again
  117. Don't need the advice now...
  118. Surgery Results
  119. Today is the day! Surgery!
  120. My Wife and my brother.
  121. Kidney Stone Part Deux
  122. "Tis the Season (for scams)
  123. Prayers again...
  124. Calling all CPAP users
  125. I FOUND GUNS TODAY Needful things closet.
  126. Prayers For My Mom
  127. Another helth question for the wife
  128. Prayers for a co worker
  129. Update : the generosity has not stopped
  130. Prayers for A Friend
  131. We have a root cause diagnosis for my wife!!!!!!
  132. Prayer/Good Thoughts Request For An Unnamed Member.
  133. Update: Appalachian Concealment go fund me
  134. I laid a friend to rest today.
  135. Post Surgery Follow Up Appointment This Morning
  136. Final kitten update
  137. Appalachian concealment needs our help
  138. Appalachian Concealment Closing:
  139. My Son wrote this in school the other day.....
  140. Took a homeless vet and his wife to lunch
  141. R.I.P. Old Trooper.
  142. I'm home from Surgery.
  143. A Serious Post For Once: Surgery Tomorrow
  144. Petition on Line to Award Presidential Medal to Hero in Oregon UCC Shooting
  145. Torn Labrum
  146. Need Your Prayers
  147. My wife is doing better. Thank you for the prayers
  148. A video for your children to watch and you
  149. Prayers for a person
  150. Thoughts and prayers appreciated
  151. I don't always eat chocolate cake...
  152. Crazy weather, lots of flooding
  153. TT Gunleather
  154. My wife can't catch a break this year
  155. Finally finished my degree
  156. Laid my grandmother to rest today
  157. Need some prayers
  158. Grandson on the way to OCS
  159. Man accused of killing Firefighter was upset with slow traffic
  160. Prayers for a friend!
  161. RIP Gary
  162. Well, 2015 continues to kick our butts.....
  163. My Youngest Son got Married Sept 5th 2015
  164. Prayers and warm fuzzy thoughts would help
  165. Well, a year later and I'm still here..........
  166. Low Blood Pressure
  167. New Bride and New Gun
  168. I Lost My Max Today
  169. I had a bad day
  170. My Dad
  171. Good K9 reunion story
  172. My son
  173. Rough year for animals
  174. Our work Rottie
  175. Prayer for the wife
  176. Thank you to supportive spouse
  177. Calling out the big guns
  178. Dealing with death
  179. A prayer please if you have the time.
  180. Asking for more medical advice for my wife
  181. Dr. Visit
  182. Said goodbye to my husband this afternoon for the last time
  183. Missing members......?
  184. Heroin
  185. Maybe a little hope for my daughter...
  186. Husband was rushed to the hospital this morning,did not make it in time
  187. Been moving on since my dad's death
  188. 9 and 10 yo baseball
  189. My poor little buddy has some big problems
  190. My dad passed away this morning
  191. Another one gone...Update-Post 19
  192. Vice President Kills a Patriot.
  193. Anyone else have a kid who just doesn't learn lessons?
  194. NW Florida, here we come!
  195. Tragedy in our town last night.
  196. A Foreigner's View of America (Amazing)
  197. Wonderful photo for Independence Day...
  198. The flag on the door
  199. The long road got a little shorter....
  200. Watchdogs!
  201. Happy Friday pictures
  202. Update on my friend
  203. For Dad's, Mom's, and grandparents
  204. Needing Prayers for Wisdom
  205. Wife update, one week afer gallbladder removal
  206. introducing newest member of my family
  207. Lost a very important person in my life
  208. Lost my aunt last night
  209. My Mother Was Found Deceased This Afternoon: Update P. 5: Thank you all deeply.
  210. Felt naked....
  211. We need some help....
  212. There but for the Grace of God......
  213. <3 This will make your eyes leak...
  214. A toast to my father
  215. A nice day in the Daniel Boone NF.
  216. Personal Challenge
  217. The BIGGER picture.
  218. A certified culinarian
  219. I suppose it was only a matter of time
  220. The power of prayer comes through again!
  221. I was hit hard this morning
  222. Say a little prayer for me if you would
  223. "American" Memorial Day in a far away place...
  224. Wifes gallbladder, Update 2, Doctors are still annoying, and I fired one.
  225. Memorial Day Rememberance
  226. My Memorial Day Journey-The way I honor the fallen
  227. Lost My Dad Today
  228. Memorial Day, Lest we forget.
  229. Beautiful prayer of military man for his wife/girlfriend while deployed
  230. Happy Mothers day!!!
  231. This should have never happened.
  232. Lost our dog today
  233. My 1911 Birthday Dreams
  234. Wife Update 2: Doctors are annoying
  235. Update From Accident
  236. Please pray for my family.
  237. New Grandson!
  238. Wife update: We have a probable answer to her condition!! Finally!
  239. chemo and range qualifications
  240. My son's kind heart
  241. In Remerberance : The OKC bombing
  242. Just checking in.
  243. LEO firearms training gone bad.
  244. A Bitter Sweet Day
  245. Daddy Died
  246. Thanking a World War II Veteran
  247. Prayers for Pop!
  248. wife update 3/26/15
  249. Being Mortal
  250. Prayers needed please