Two NEW DVD titles! - Pepper Spray and Cane Fighting

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Thread: Two NEW DVD titles! - Pepper Spray and Cane Fighting

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    Two NEW DVD titles! - Pepper Spray and Cane Fighting


    Armed Response is proud to add two new titles to our Video Training Series: Pepper Spray and Defensive Cane Fighting.

    You may be asking why a training company that specializes in armed defense would produce not one, but two DVDs that use intermediate weapons.

    In the case of our Pepper Spray program, not all violent encounters call for a lethal force response and it is a great idea to have another tool in addition to your hand skills. Additionally, since pepper spray is considered to be very low on the force scale, it can be deployed when you are facing a low-level attack and possibly allow you to disengage before the attack escalates.

    Our Defensive Cane Fighting DVD was inspired by the fact that we often find ourselves in locations where guns are not allowed. Canes offer a highly effective alternative that is easy to have with you and inexpensive. One area of vital importance that we cover in-depth in the DVD is that the cane can be used as both an intermediate weapon and as a lethal weapon. Understanding these distinctions can possibly mean the difference between surviving the encounter and the ensuing legal fight or not.

    Pepper Spray
    Since being a victim of a non-lethal attack is much more likely than a lethal one, carrying pepper spray may be more valuable than carrying a gun! This Pepper Spray DVD explores various pepper spray features, carry options, the legality of its use, along with techniques and practice drills for this vital, non-lethal weapon.

    - Hotness Measurements
    - Pepper Spray Vs Mace
    - Effects of Pepper Spray
    - Spray Patterns
    - Safety Devices
    - Carry Methods
    - Appropriate Use of Pepper Spray
    - How to Use Pepper Spray
    - Traveling with Pepper Spray
    - Training Drills
    - Live Agent Demonstration
    - Much, Much More!

    1hr 40 mins

    Defensive Cane Fighting
    A cane can be a vital defensive tool where traditional weapons are prohibited. This Cane Self-Defense DVD explores the tactics and techniques that make the cane a potent and highly effective weapon.

    - Levels of Responding Force
    - Cane Styles
    - Origination of Cane Techniques
    - Striking Zones
    - Footwork
    - Power Creation
    - Support Hand Techniques
    - Two-Handed Techniques
    - Practice Routines
    - Walking with a Cane
    - BONUS: Roof Blocks and Wing Blocks
    - Much, Much More!

    1hr 4 mins

    --Click HERE for Video Preview and Purchase--

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    Pepper Spray and Cane Fighting

    Your DVD looks very helpful sir. Brilliant idea! You can already help a lot of people through this simple DVD.

    Wayne Hoaten
    Alarm Systems Pretoria | Armed Response | CCTV Cameras Pretoria

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    Having had to use a cane before and having the possibility of needing to use one again the cane video is interesting.
    When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
    "Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."

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