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This is a discussion on Near disaster within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by archer51 I don't trust anyone clearing a gun. I can watch a store employee clear a counter gun and hand it to ...

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Thread: Near disaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    I don't trust anyone clearing a gun. I can watch a store employee clear a counter gun and hand it to me. I still clear it again myself before I'm satisfied it's safe.

    I do the same thing. Every time. And I often tilt it toward the person who handed it to me, to double-check, which also informs him/her that we're both in this together and I'm watching out for the both of us. Retentive, possibly. Safer? Absolutely. Worth the extra three seconds.
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    I have been around guns all my life. My dad would always clear a gun before he handed it to anyone, if they didn't check the gun themselves after he handed it to them he would take the gun back and put it away. So after that lesson I always recheck any gun handed to me. My dad has been gone since 1987 but any time somone hands me a gun I think of him.
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    I always visually check the weapon personally before passing it to someone. I also leave the action open and expect them to verify it upon receiving it from me.

    I too learned this from my father who learned it from his father.
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    I guess the owner and employee relied on the "No Loaded Guns Allowed" sign on the door too much! That'll learn 'em!
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    I also check every weapon I pick up. I also got in the habit of saying "check it" as I hand a weapon over to anyone.
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    Physical check, visual check...everytime the gun is excuses.
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    Heck I WANT someone to check after I hand them a weapon. I don't want to feel responsible if I screw up and they don't check, leading to a tragedy.
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    I always stick the tip of my pinkie in there. Or if it's a revolver, hold it up to the light and rotate the barrel. If I unload a loaded revolver, I do that plus count the bullets.

    Where I live, every clerk in every gun store, checks to see the gun is empty - even new guns they are handing the customer and they give them to them with the slide open, the mag out, or the barrel open in the case of the revolver so the customer can see. I asked if I could test a holster with my carry-gun loaded in one place recently, and clerk said "only unloaded and I'll unload it." And that was because he knew me. The policy there and other stores I've been in is carry loaded if you wish, but don't unholster a loaded gun in the store and if you say it's unloaded, the store checks it.

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    While working at a gun shop part time while still in the Navy (this was in 1992, not long after getting back from the first Persian Gulf War) we had an AD in the store. I hit the deck and so did a fellow who was much older than I. As we both got to our feet he commented on the fact that out of the 20 or so people in the store at the time, only he and I dropped face down. I told him that I had just come back from the Gulf War and he told me he was a Korean War Vet. He then remarked that it can be easy to spot those of us who have actually been shot at before in the right situation.

    Same thing though, someone with a gun they were sure, 100% sure, was cleared and unloaded. But they were wrong. No one was hurt. But it did hit the stock of a nice Marlin 30-30 behind the counter.
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    There is a reason they say that no one ever gets shot with a loaded gun...

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    I know a very qualified army sniper who used to rack the slide and look down to check. Then one day he looked and somehow didn't see the bullet. The gun went off. Him being who he was, naturally it was pointed in a safe direction, but from then on, he stuck his finger inside.
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    I make it a habit to check and hand guns to people with salide locked open and visually/physically inspect magwell and chamber,revolver cylinder swung out.I tell em check it and when they hand iit back I expect them to lock slide open then it's my responsibility to make sure its either put away safely,or loaded and holstered
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    The power is off and it is not loaded.....I want to see for my self.


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