"Shooting with old Eyes"

"Shooting with old Eyes"

This is a discussion on "Shooting with old Eyes" within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; For any of you that get US Concealed Carry magazine this is an article in the May/June issue. For those of us that are fighting ...

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Thread: "Shooting with old Eyes"

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    "Shooting with old Eyes"

    For any of you that get US Concealed Carry magazine this is an article in the May/June issue. For those of us that are fighting the years and/or wear glasses short barrels become a problem with the traditional "front sight" focus method. The writer puts forth looking straight through the sights ( let them be a blur) and focus hard on the target...I won't be doing it with my AR @ 600 yards but it has been amazing how well it works with our hand guns out to 15 yards.
    I am 59 and her majesty is, well, lets just say younger than I. We have been struggling with the pistols the last 2 years keeping most of our practice in the 10-15 foot range which is not necessarily bad but we were starting to use up quite a bit of the old B-27target.
    Folks You have to try this. We used the new sight picture our last 2 range sessions and now can stay center torso on the target no problem at the 7 yard line. She does not shoot her snub .38 any further than the 7 but I find out to 15 yards I am shooting nearly as well as I did 10 years ago!
    Very exciting and if you have tired eyes and/or bi/tri-focal glasses please give it a try as I think it will put a lot of confidence back into your handgun work.
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    I have to take my glasses off to see my sights clearly. They fall right at the range where my sight doesn't need correction.
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    These have been a great help to my 62 year old eyes at the range (I've no affiliation with this product other than as a satisfied user):

    EyePal, What is an EyePal Anyway? An Iron Sight Shooters Friend

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