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Has Anyone Seen "The Road" ???

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Thread: Has Anyone Seen "The Road" ???

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    Yes, wasn't a big fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Expert View Post
    I had to read the Cormac McCarthy novel as well as watch the movie for my english comp class.

    In the movie, the main character shows his son how to cock the revolver to condition 1 and place it in his mouth just right to commit suicide just in case "things go from bad to worse".

    I know it's a movie an all, but just seeing that made my blood run cold. I mean...both Bruce Lee and and Brandon Lee got killed on the set of a movie because there were real bullets on the set!
    I doubt it was a functional revolver. On a related note - I picked up something from the Walking Dead - during one scene, I noticed one of pistols had its hammer removed - the pistol was being waved in the face of another actor only a few feet away. It was clear there was no hammer - there was just a blank slot. Simiarly, during one of the "behind the scenes" features, you could hear the set director telling the actors and the zombie extras to stay clear of line in the ground - the zombies had to "die" before reaching the line, and the actors were firing some sort of blanks. Anyway, the line was the "safety envelope" for the blanks. Not even sure if the guns that were being fired were truly operational or just props that went pop. Probably the latter.

    I wouldn't worry about the actors.

    As for the movie, I thought it was well done. Depressing, but well done. I read the book as well. It's one of the Cormac McCarthy books I completely understood.

    Try reading "Blood Meridian" if you want to feel like a 7th grader in English Lit again.

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    Never saw it but they did film part of the movie less than a mile from my home. Maybe I'll rent it someday soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentlemanJim View Post
    If you let the technical inaccuracies distract you you miss out on an excellent movie.
    I agree. Robert Duvall's improvisation in the scene around the campfire was awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I read the book and I found parts of it interesting. On the whole though I thought it was crap. The plot was terrible, there were too many loose ends and the book just ended leaving me with more questions than answers. It almost felt like (to me) the author just got tired of writing and decided to wrap it up.
    Yup. That was about my opinion. A boring repetitive drag with no meaningful plot. No start, not end, no middle.
    I don't think the suicide scene was in the book, but could be wrong. My guess, it was stuck in by a director for
    effect. If anything, the entire plot (such as it was) of the story (thin as it was) was about survival and not giving up ever.
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    If you don't like that part, do not sit down to watch the Exorcist. I take issue with allowing a 13 year old to say and do the things Linda Blair did in that movie; much less concern with a kid using a prop gun.
    Besides, it's Hollywood. Most of the people on the set can quote you Row v. Wade. They couldn't care less about kids.

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    Roe darn you auto correct

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