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brain malfunction at range

This is a discussion on brain malfunction at range within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; After translating your post--my brother did the same thing with my P229/.40....and loaded up 9mm in the mag....

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Thread: brain malfunction at range

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    After translating your post--my brother did the same thing with my P229/.40....and loaded up 9mm in the mag.
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    It is not uncommon for people's brains to fail occassionally for seemingly no apparent reason. Glad you're ok, as someone said, things happen. I'm sure that will never happen to you again.

    A buddy was shooting my .40 cal Sig 229 and another buddy was shooting a .357 sig Sig 229. Well, it had to happen. The guy shooting the .40 wound up with some of the .357 sig rounds. They fired just fine in the .40, except I wondered why the sound was suddenly so different. I stopped him and realized what the problem was. He was shooting up close and wasn't doing all that badly with the wrong ammo.
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    the quiet fire is due to the bullet not sealing in the bore like the correct caliber allows the gasses to escape past the bullet as opposed to building pressure behind it and popping when the bullet exits the barrel...

    ever tear a firecracker in half and light it?...just turns into a flame pressure equals no bang....

    after wondering why my mag didnt feel right going into my g30 one day and realizing i picked up a g19 mag i can understand the mistake....mine was empty and i grabbed it out of the wrong pocket in my range bag during some reloading drills...but sometimes the brain isnt fully engaged...and it should be....

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    had the same kind of brain fart last weekend @ the range. loaded some 9mm in my g27...pulled the trigger and thought it was a squib - the front end of the 9mm case had expanded to the .40 barrel. I quickly turned bright red & reorganized my setup - and to top it of the RO just so happened to be right behind me with a huge grin just shakin his head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    After translating your post--my brother did the same thing with my P229/.40....and loaded up 9mm in the mag.
    funny ! , get used to it if you read my post .. i think fast , and type on an i phone most of the time here ...
    good call , had a giggle !

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