BabyJanq's 'First Shots' Pt 1 & 2 ~ Age 8

BabyJanq's 'First Shots' Pt 1 & 2 ~ Age 8

This is a discussion on BabyJanq's 'First Shots' Pt 1 & 2 ~ Age 8 within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; My daughter, age 8, on her first day ever handling a projectile firing pistol, that is not a toy. She has been watching me train ...

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Thread: BabyJanq's 'First Shots' Pt 1 & 2 ~ Age 8

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    BabyJanq's 'First Shots' Pt 1 & 2 ~ Age 8

    My daughter, age 8, on her first day ever handling a projectile firing pistol, that is not a toy.

    She has been watching me train at home and seen me shooting at ranges and on TV literally her entire life.
    As well we have reviewed very many times all of the concepts of firearm safety and basic fundamentals of firearms use; Stance, Sight alignment & Sight picture, Two handed grip and extension, trigger control and follow through.

    The gun used is a Crosman manufactured CO2 powered BB projectile facsimile of the Walther P99C 'Compact'.
    I use this as a trainer with all of my students who are introductory as it gives off a report albeit muted and it's slide recoils too just like a 'real' gun. Also it very much looks, handles and feel like a real gun including it's heft.

    The target is an empty small plastic yogurt container as well as a BB & pellet specific foam target block.
    Distance from shooters toes to the target is 12' measured.

    Nov 21, 2010
    @ My backyard with a background of just over an acre of empty open field and beyond that a half acre of uninhabited dense brush bordering woods.

    Soon as the spring comes we'll get back to training and possibly this summer I'll take her to the outdoor range where I train to shoot .22LR via my trainer rifle.


    BabyJanq's 'First Shots' _Part One

    BabyJanq's 'First Shots' _Part Two

    - Janq
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    That's awesome, Janq. She's adorable, and her trigger discipline is much better than my Dad's...
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    A beautiful child. Perhaps a future Olympian in the family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    ...her trigger discipline is much better than my Dad's...
    All that both of my kids have ever heard and learned is that you never ever touch the trigger until ready to fire, so as to be SAFE.
    As a father this has been my way of recognizing that the real world is real and to that end providing them with tools to possibly some day down the road save their own life.

    Go over to some other kids home and their dad (or mom) is a moron with guns and ammo laying around unsecured as with direct access to children and other unauthorized handlers.
    Rather than wind up like so many stories in the news being shot or 'accidentally' shooting someone, I instead have been showing them what is proper.
    Started when they both were two and old enough to understand/comprehend things as in using simple childrens water guns while in the bath tub goofing around.
    They thought and still think now (my son is age 4) that it's just play, and don't realize that dad has an agenda of education.
    Both of them use trigger control as mandatory and body awareness (no moving the muzzle near your body nor body near the muzzle) when handling anything around my house that involves a projectile be it their toys or my sons rubber band shooting repeater pistol.
    He wears kid sunglasses and a blaze orange hat, as well as my emergency ear pro muffs from my bedroom when 'training' as all part of his "range kit" (a kids tool bag) along with an FBI Q target that is hung in my living room attached to the garage entrance door via magnets.

    Although I live in a very notably liberal (nothing wrong with that) as well as generally anti-gun community, folk that come to my house for play dates and such have learned to expect to see gun crap around including magazines (to read) and what nottery.
    As well now both my kids teach the other kids who come here exact same. It's very funny to watch them admonish a friend on not touching the trigger or do not point the rubber band gun at people because somebody could get hurt, and you gotta wear eye protection!

    I'm trying to download to them all I know or at least as much as I can while I still have their rapt attention and focus.
    Some day I won't be here and/or they won't be able to hear me over the noise of their own life; So I'm trying my best to set them up young with a good foundation.

    This is a pic of the foam target upon she firing her first ever string of five shots.
    The first shot fired went high left which is very typical for a new shooter....The recoil caught her by surprise.
    She stopped though mad that she missed the bullseye so we put the gun down and talked about grip and squeeezing the trigger rather than snatching it.
    Then with a deep breath on her part I gave her back the gun, unsafed it, charged it and left her to shoot at will.

    The rest were four shots better. : )

    I gave her the biggest hug...After taking the gun away, setting the safety and de-primed, then last removing the magazine based ammunition source followed by setting the slide back as open to whihc the chambered BB fell out/ejected as expected. : )

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    Janq, what a great post!
    Thanks for sharing this milestone in your daughter's life.
    My youngest is just a year older than your daughter, and is every bit as eager to learn how to handle guns safely and correctly.
    She's able to correctly identify various types, models, and parts of pistols; rack and clear all of my 9mms (with snap caps);
    and is already trying to decide what pistol she wants her dad to give her on 21st birthday. Kids are great.
    BTW, your daughter's adorable.
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    Very cool. I bet there was a big smile behind that target, along with one on a proud Dad's face. Not to hijack the thread, but it made me think about picking up a BB gun to practice with. I have a Springer Loaded Champion, and I can pick up a BB Colt Defender for 50-60 bucks. Similar size and barrel length. Do any of you folks use a bb/pellet for training? I have enough yard to shoot a BB gun safely, my range does not allow drawing from holsters. The BB gun should fit in my holster so it seems like a good idea. Plus its just fun to shoot stuff whenever I want. Comments?
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    "Bring a child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it." Great job dad.
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    Adorable girl you have there janq. You are bringing her up right. She, like my daughter who is now 16, will be a woman who can take care of herself and who will refuse to be a victim. That is what the world needs, more strong, self assured and self confident women who take responsibility for their own safety and don't fall into the "frail little woman" category who relies on a man to protect them.

    Great videos.
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    She's a little cutie.
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    Awesome. Thats about all I can say.

    One thing I thought about though is ricochet. Should she drop the shot a little, you're chancing one bouncing back off the deck lumber.
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    Very nice, and she enjoys it, so all the better.
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    Neat. She needs an even smaller firearm for those little hands though.
    Since she already has "got" the concept of sighting in that handgun - I'll bet that she would do really well with an air rifle and iron sights.

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    Janq, got a model or link on that trainer?

    I have a 6 year old who wants to go to the range with Daddy, but I wanted to start her on something smaller than a 22, and my pellet rifle has too long of a pull for her yet

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    She's just too cute for words!

    No need to get technical... good job, Dad!
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