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How dangerous is firing a gun into the air?

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Thread: How dangerous is firing a gun into the air?

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    [] take cover, cause only and idiot fire's a gun straight up and dont drink the water

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    As a physics major, I've studied the matter, especially Einstein's formulas. To sum up, he said something to the effect that the universe and man's stupidity were endless, but he wasn't sure about the universe.

    200mph (300fps) is the terminal velocity of diving peregrine falcons and 30-06 bullets fired straight up. This only proves that a stunt like that ranks right alongside with tossing live cartridges into the campfire. Hey bubba, watch this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    Wow, thank God you don't live anywhere near my state.
    Knowing how to calculate does not mean one would do anything stupid. But then I was Navy, others may not understand. :)
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    It's complicated.
    Read the summary of the Mythbuster episode wher they rated the buller in the air story as BOTH busted and confirmed.
    Unofficial Mythbusters: Episode 50: Bullets Fired Up, Vodka Myths III
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    IIRC the Mythbusters were able to recover a 9mm bullet or two fired from a pistol and determined that it would not be LETHAL when falling. It could certainly still hurt though and could injure someone (like the poor girl in Fla.).

    On the other hand they fired some 30.06 rounds into the air and couldn't recover any of them. They estimated that a 30.06 round could go as high as 10,000 feet up and could only speculate at the results of it falling. Depending on how it fell the bullet would either continue spinning in a trajectory and be 100% lethal or it would cavitate and spin out of control losing quite a bit of energy. Then you get into whether it would hit you longways or flat.

    The point is that there would have to be astronomical odds of killing someone when firing up into the air, yet clearly the chance exists. I, for one, do not want to win that million to one lottery.
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    One significant distinction is firing in the air vs firing straight up.
    One person commented that a bullet went though a couple of walls. Obviously this was not straight up, even in the strongest wind it is not going to come down at that steep an angle.

    Firing at an angle is extremely dangerous, and absolutely can be fatal. Firing straight up is dangerous but unlikely to kill a normal healthy adult, but it will cause some serious injury.
    I've been told that the magic number is 45 degrees for the impact to be at gravity's terminal velocity. This is hearsay so don't bet on this.

    Also note that a bullet in free fall will fall parallel with the ground, giving the impact a greater surface area and lessoning the severity of the damage.

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    What goes up must come down. In cities it's actually a bit safer because the bullets land on roofs 99% of the time. It only takes that 1% though to hurt someone.
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    With my luck the bullet would hit the damn FedEx delivery plane and I would never receive my next gun toy. Besides, I can think of smarter things to do when I'm bored. As far as danger I've seen a pretty wicked dent in a car hood from a bullet strike.
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