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Dangerous Gun Handling at the Gun Store

This is a discussion on Dangerous Gun Handling at the Gun Store within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Not quite young grasshopper. If you ever find a reason to unholster other than plugging a 250 lb crackhead trying to carjack you with a ...

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Thread: Dangerous Gun Handling at the Gun Store

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    Not quite young grasshopper. If you ever find a reason to unholster other than plugging a 250 lb crackhead trying to carjack you with a bowie-knife, take it out to your car where you have a more reasonable expectation of privacy, and unchamber there.

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    I haven't spent a ton of time in gun stores, but pretty much every time I've asked to look at a gun, the clerk has either swept me with it or neglected to demonstrate that it's clear. Disregard of the four rules is rampant. I just can't understand why--they make it so easy to not accidentally shoot someone.

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    On the rare occasions that I've needed to unholster in a store "with permission" I've always done it in this manner.
    1. eject magazine "gun still in holster, works with the ones I carry"
    2. draw weapon, hand and index finger on grip, nothing anywhere near the trigger.
    3. with weapon still pointing towards floor, rack slide, lock slide in open position.
    4. hand weapon to clerk. grip to him, I'm holding by the slide.
    5. pick up ejected round.
    As to police, Yes, there are some who don't understand safety. Watching in horror as an officer tried to clear the chambered round of a 1911, by pointing it at ME, while trying to rack the slide and pulling the trigger all at the same time, brought that home to me QUITE bluntly. That wasn't fun. Now watching the other officer who looked about 80 pop his eyes open before grabbing the gun and stopping the idiot on the other hand, I did enjoy.
    A 1911 is Not an obsession, it's simply a recognition that it's THE Gun. :-) All others are runner ups. And hey, if all else fails, aim for the nose and fling it to knock out your foe. Let's see y'all do that with a kel-Tec. ;-)

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    I have a good one for you. My wifes ex husband came over to see us & I had just got my Taurus PT 24/7 DS. I knew he liked guns & thought it would be ok for him to check it out so I pull it out, take the mag out, rack the slide to make sure there was no round in it ( I knew there wasn't because I hadn't even bought ammo for it at the time but I always double check), handed him the pistol grip first, & he proceeds to point it at my wifes leg & dry fires it 3 times!!! He then points it at me & dry fires it once!!! All of this in a matter of about 3 seconds. I immediately took the weapon out of his hands & asked him "what in the hell do you think you're doing?", to which he replied, "What? It was unloaded!" What a jackhole! He never got an opportunity to even look at it again.

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    I think you let him off easy. You gave him a talking to and then helped him as a customer.

    Right away, I would have secured the pistol and called the police. Brandishing, assault with a deadly, trespassing, I'd pile it all on.

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    I can't believe the type of things I've seen in gun stores. The latest was pretty much the same thing OP except for the guy was apparently wasted and smelled like he dumped a keg on himself. I couldn't believe the employee didn't even say anything!!!

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    Honestly, the store I always went into, after being in there enough times and always letting them know before I do it and everything is fine. If he notified me first that he was gonna do it and he understand to have it pointed in a safe direction then fine. Your situation how he just does it right away, yea I would have said make sure next time you let me know before you do it. Whenever I was done with whatever or if another customer was done showing, I always rechambered the round in a safe direction and just like all the other customers in the store do. Thats just for a small gunstore up in big Montana though...
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