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BAD: I made a negligent mistake the other day.

This is a discussion on BAD: I made a negligent mistake the other day. within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by Olduser I learned a long time ago that all pride and ego wants to do is defeat me. I've never thought about ...

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Thread: BAD: I made a negligent mistake the other day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olduser View Post
    I learned a long time ago that all pride and ego wants to do is defeat me. I've never thought about ricochet with an unorthodox target and doubt that I would have before reading about your experience. Thanks for posting this and like others I'm really happy to hear that no one was hurt.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    Why flame you? Live and learn, and I suspect many learned a little something with your post. Thanks for putting it up.


    Hopyard stole MY idea of making bulletproof vests with golf balls.

    Glad this story has a happy ending.
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    Certainly something to put into the 'memory banks'...could save someone else some construction bucks.
    Glad your neighbor was understanding.
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    Simply amazing story. Who could imagine? Thanks for posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Sounds like a double bogey to me.

    I've shot lots of golf balls with .22lr and .22 magnum. The .22 mags penetrate. I've never had a deflection issue with them that I am aware, but usually in the middle of a 300 acre farm doing my shooting.
    We hit it with .22lr no penetration. Hit it with the .40 version of the same federal 9mm. 165gr I think? Too lazy to get up and check the box Ball jumped pretty good no dmg to the ball though just a scuff. Saw the round hit at the base of the burm just slightly off of where I imagine my buddy was aiming. Maybe a foot or so. But I have no idea what his sight picture was so I really can't go off that. The 9mm didn't penetrate obviously I hit the ball multiple times and no scuff. With me shooting I wasn't able to focus on whether the rounds were hitting the ground as we had a few targets up and my buddy was back hollering at his kid to stop picking on his little sister. Makes me wonder what happened to the .22lr and the other 9mm if they did something similar to the one that hit the house.

    Either way lesson learned. I did try out some magsafe .40 rounds .vs a cantaloupe and two phone books taped together. The amount of damage they do is insane. I'll see about doing a review or something in a thread in a different area. Sadly I forgot to take pics or video.

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    for all the rounds i've put down range and been there when others did--the list of odd things is quite long

    and apperantly still growing.
    another vote on your manning up and fixing up.
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    To the OP. Thanks for sharing. Information like this always helps....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Golf ball body armor... available at your local sporting goods store soon.

    Seriously though... no flaming here.

    That's a great post and lesson learned.

    +1 on Hopyard and oneshot... didn't read the whole thread. Great minds...
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    Quick update. Talked to my buddy today on my lunch break. Happened to catch him when he came in for his shift. He went to his neighbors house to make sure we were all cool Sunday after church. The guy said not to worry about fixing anything they are just going to hang a picture over where the round penetrated. He said we are good though and that it was a lesson learned on both sides.

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