AD/ND experience.

AD/ND experience.

This is a discussion on AD/ND experience. within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Hello all. Relatively new to guns (rifles/shotguns for ~2years), recently (~1month ago) made my first handgun purchase. This post is sort of a confession and ...

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Thread: AD/ND experience.

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    AD/ND experience.

    Hello all. Relatively new to guns (rifles/shotguns for ~2years), recently (~1month ago) made my first handgun purchase.

    This post is sort of a confession and an attempt at self therapy.

    My pistol is a subcompact 9mm. I haven't yet taken it to the range but have stripped it, cleaned it, and have become familiar with it. Bought a box of range ammo. Loaded the magazines, unloaded them..loaded the gun, unloaded the gun. Two days ago I decided I should put the gun in my bed-room hidden under the mattress (home defense...right?). Unloaded but unlocked (magazine hidden in closet). I have children. One of whom is 9 and very interested and 'comfortable' around guns. Because of this, I felt that a hidden gun in my room (and a loaded magazine hidden in the closet) was probably a bad idea. So...I decided to take the pistol and place it in the basement gun-safe so that I wouldn't worry about it. (I had decided a near-by pistol for home defense just isn't ideal for me or my family ).

    At any rate, this isn't a story about a child finding or playing with a gun.

    I took the gun from under my mattress and retrieved the magazine from the closet. As I was making my way to the basement stairs, I was walking down a hallway just outside of my bedroom. My wife and 9 year old son were at the other end of the hallway going towards the kitchen. I absentmindedly pulled the trigger of my unloaded gun and...bang. One in the chamber.

    I went deaf.

    My wife thought I had shot myself.

    My son thought his DAD had shot HIM.

    My other son and daughter were upstairs and thought a giant firework had gone off.

    Whether it was divine intervention or just luck, I had the gun pointed at a wall to my left. All the stories about 9mm penetrating interior walls are true. The range-bullet went through two sheets of drywall and wooden planking, into my bedroom closet...through a big dictionary and through an old trophy. It went through several items of clothing before falling to my closet floor (I found this out later).

    The damage to my home is minimal.

    The damage to my peace of mind is massive.

    I keep recycling the 'what ifs' and its driving me nuts. A tragedy of the highest order was nearly upon my family...because of my stupidity.

    I'll spare you the details of the next hour or so and leave that to your imagination.

    So, I'm new to this forum and looking to see if anyone has ever had a similar experience? How did you deal with it? Is it premature for me to sell my guns and be done with them? Although it is now IMPOSSIBLE for me to EVER make a mistake like this again, I'm freaked out to no end.

    Thanks for reading.
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    You were VERY lucky and absolutely right to be freaked out. Not to be harsh, but until you become more familiar and practiced with the four rules you shouldn't be handling a loaded firearm.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Count your blessings no one was hurt. It's a hard lesson that more have experienced than will admit. I let my thumb slip while decocking a .30-30 once. An eye-opening, entirely my fault experience.
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    I could recommend taking a NRA basic pistol course, and taking the firearms safety rules to heart.
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    I won't tell you if you should get rid of your firearms or not (I'm a bit surprised your wife hasn't made that decision for you!), but if you decide to keep them you should absolutely get some professional firearms training ASAP. Very glad to know everyone is safe!
    ”One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson

    "Carry your gun - it's a lighter burden than regret."

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    First, glad this isn't a "I shot a family member" post.

    Second, yes you damaged your "piece of mind" but probably more important, you have some major damage control to do with the family and their confidence in your gun handling capabilities.

    After you get your head wrapped around what happened you may want to consider finding a GOOD instructor in pistols and take a course with your wife to help regain their confidence in you handling firearms in the home. It's not a weakness to ask for training in a type of firearm new to you. Take the opportunity to get some training for both you and your wife.

    A little time with an instructor can go a long way in getting your confidence back and also insure you're starting off on a SAFE direction in your learning a new firearm.
    North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor
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    Now that I got my harsh post out of the way I will try to be a little more helpful. Please do not get rid of your guns. You may indeed need them to protect your loved ones, or maybe even mine at some point. I would say PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get some good training. Until then keep your booger hook of the trigger until your ready to fire :)
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    Heckuva first post....

    Formal training definitely is in order, but your "OJT" is complete and quite memorable.

    Take your wife and kids to dinner and a movie at least to make up for scaring the crap out of them.

    Lesson learned, fortunately without any lasting injuries.

    Welcome to the forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscottjr View Post
    You were VERY lucky and absolutely right to be freaked out. Not to be harsh, but until you become more familiar and practiced with the four rules you shouldn't be handling a loaded firearm.
    And since all firearms are to be treated as loaded...

    I used to be a rock climber, guide, and instructor. I found that there were folks that when new to the sport failed to respect the danger, and they were a danger to themselves and others. There were other folks who lacked experience but feared that they would hurt themselves or others. This group was generally pretty safe. Then there was the group that was still new, but had become comfortable, and this was potentially the most dangerous group because they had the skills and adventurous ambitions to put themselves in remote difficult conditions.

    The key is to always respect/fear the gun.

    sounds like you got shocked back into safe behavior.

    Glad there are no statistics from this event.

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    Study the 4 rules and practice them. Luckily you only broke 3 of them.

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    How is it now impossible..?

    Have you been kicked out of the house?
    Are you giving up on the idea of a 9mm for HD... Or all guns for HD?

    With a child in the home, the only way I would have an accessible gun would be to have it on my hip, any others would be in a safe. Without a child in the home, I would still have the gun on my hip and others accessible.

    Is the wife now completely opposed to firearms? Are you?

    Look, you made a mistake... A SERIOUS mistake. If you want to give up guns, I can understand that, I suppose... But I didn't give up woodworking when I ran my thumb into the router... or building things when I hit my thumb with a hammer.

    But, we have choices. We can choose to continue with our hobbies, or we can find others that suit us. If guns are not a big part of your life yet... I can certainly see how you could decide to have nothing more to do with them.. .and that's fine. Guns aren't for everyone...

    If you have chosen to get rid of your guns by selling them, please don't just take them to the police and turn them in. Get their full value by offering them to a dealer (FFL) on consignment. No worries about them getting into the wrong hands through personal sale.

    But now... if you are getting rid of your guns and you get some money from them, it might be a very good time to spend some of the proceeds from their sale to fortify your home... And/or take some "real" self defense classes.. Target Focused Training, KRAV MAGA, and others come to mind. For the home fortification, this thread may give you some ideas: The Home Defense set up (long, really)

    The important thing to realize is that the gun is not the primary weapon... the brain is... yours wasn't working too well on the day of your AD/ND... but you can still use it to make yourself relatively safe in this not-so-safe world...

    Your home is your castle... fortify it as the safest place to be, where you can relax and not have a care about the rare marauder. Your body is your temple... protect it as well by knowing how to defend it... with or without guns.

    I'm sorry for your occurrence.... I think I know how you feel... On the other hand, according to the state legislator in KY who had an ND in her statehouse office... she's a gun owner and "It happens."
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    You must make things right with your family first have a family talk with all your kids too . Tell them you made a mistake and you will make it right . By taking training and and see if you can get your family members on board with you . Leave the gun alone for now lock it up until you have the training .

    I am so very glad your family and you are ok health wise .
    Get a lock box or safe for the gun .
    Christian Family Man

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    Dear freaked out:
    I have never had a similar experience, and I've chambered a round in my home many, many times for carry. You've learned a valuable lesson here. The finger goes on the trigger only when it's time to shoot. You've also learned about FMJ and what it can do inside a house (how many times did it change direction from the initial discharge?).
    Not to steer away from the fundamentals you must practice for safe handling of the firearm here, and not exactly saying an outward visual appearance is always a good indicator...but.....I have to say something for the Glock pistols here. When the trigger is rearward on a Glock, you can be 99% sure the chamber is empty. My girlfriend has an XD, and the trigger on that never stays back no matter what, and she keeps a full magazine in hers without one in the chamber.
    Anyways, I have no children to be concerned with, and there is always at least one pistol with loaded chamber around, and more ready to go with full magazines. I guarantee that you'll keep thinking about the incident, and all of the different scenarios that could have happened. Hoping your family will get over the incident quickly, and not make you just live in the basement from now on.
    Although it is now IMPOSSIBLE for me to EVER make a mistake like this again
    In reality, it's never impossible to make a mistake even if it's been made before. Never say never. A tragic incident that could have been much worse.
    What good will there be selling all of your guns and being done with them?
    Just become a better person, more safe with your handling of firearms, and tell your family that you love them each and every day. Remind yourself that you are human, and everyone makes mistakes. If anyone tells you that they don't, they're just plain lying. Maybe not as easy to do for you at this time as for me saying this.....but you move on. Real life lessons are good to get out in the open, and when others see the possibilities, it should make them think as well. You'll do fine.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    The world is a dangerous place, made more dangerous by a willfully ignorant populace who mindlessly go about their day to day existence without thinking, questioning, or considering the possibility their leaders are corrupt lying thieves.

    Washington DC? DC stands for District of Corruption

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    I would lock anything firearm related away until you have proper training. Thank god this eye opener didn't cost a life. All guns MUST be treated as loaded. Even if you've checked the chamber 5+ times. Glad everybody is okay. But please, for the sake of your family, everybody around you, and your own peace of mind... Please get proper training.

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    There is a reason we have "firearm safety rules", that is to prevent someone from accidentally shooting someone. You need to learn and follow ALL of the rules ALL of the time. Yes, you could have killed someone you loved. Yes, that is harsh and it is suppose to be. There are are rarely second chances with firearms, you got one, use it wisely.

    My rules.

    1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. So if you wouldn't pull the trigger of the loaded firearm, don't pull the trigger on one you think is unloaded.
    2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you INTEND to fire the firearm.
    3. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction. In this case, by accident, you followed that rule.
    4. Always check visually and physically that the firearm is unloaded each time you touch it.
    5. If you can't follow the rules, each and every time, don't pick up the firearm.

    This is meant to be harsh because it is to be a reminder to us all, that one simple lapse and people can get hurt.
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