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This is a discussion on Easy slide racking within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; You might want to try a Walther PPS. My wife had extreme difficulty racking the slide on virtually every auto we tried but I ended ...

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Thread: Easy slide racking

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    You might want to try a Walther PPS. My wife had extreme difficulty racking the slide on virtually every auto we tried but I ended up losing my new PPS to her when she discovered she could rack it with ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperKnight View Post
    The Ruger P-series have large-ish grips, but have always been easy to work. That is if you don't mind carrying a full size.
    *1......I have a P95 9mm that works like a dream and is very easy to slide!
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    my mother has a simular situation and she found the M&P 9mm to be workable in the strong hand position.

    close to the body like opening a jar.
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    Blackeagle's description is from the Israeli manual of arms (for historical reasons having to do with the varying quality of guns available, they trained people to carry unchambered; thus, racking the slide at the draw was an important part of getting the gun into action and everybody had to be able to do it). I saw it demo'ed in Mas Ayoob's LFI class, and I have taught several shooters to do it since. It has worked very well for all of them.

    The one other suggestion I would make is that you do see a type of extra handle added to high-end competition guns in IPSC. For what it is worth, it looks a little like an AR-15 charging handle added to the back of the slide behind the rear sights. If you really needed extra leverage, or even just something a little easier to catch against a belt or table edge, you might find a gunsmith who could add something like that to whatever gun you like. This picture shows such a setup, though definitely on the bigger side...
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    I wish my cartridges held 8 rounds...

    Anyway, I thought of something a while back that, if you could get a holster maker to 'invent' it, would work. Some type of holster or holster-esque device that would 'trap' the slide and hold it in place so that you could push the frame through a downward draw, then the slide would release, cocking the weapon as it passes through.

    Now, you don't say why you want a 9mm. Is it to increase capacity? How about this:

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    I've been working with a lady who had the same problem. She's been "stuck" with a .357 due to the fact she couldn't rack the slide on a semi.
    I had her practice W/ one of my Glocks before I knew she had a old hand injury with her weak hand. She got the hang of pushing the gun forward while holding the slide still. She now has a G19 :-) and she's getting pretty dang good with it
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    The Kimber SIS guns have a rear sight that has a notch to allow the rear sight to be pushed against a belt,or other tipe flat edge to cock the gun in case you lose the ability to function one of your hands
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    Eureka!! Following one of the suggestions here and using my neighbor's S&W Sigma, I practiced racking by holding the slide with my right (disabled) hand and using my left to shove the gun forward.
    Worked like a charm! The Sigma has a very stiff slide, so I'm really excited that I mastered it!

    My next step is to go to a gun shop to try other 9mm's.

    I so appreciate everyone's help with this. My hand is a congenital defect and I have never allowed it to make a difference in anything I do, so this was really a challenge I had to overcome.

    I will still be trying all the other suggestions ya'll made so, if in the future I meet someone with a similar situation, hopefully I can pass your knowledge along.

    Thank you all again!

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    When you find a gun you like there are some things you can do to it. Google "fluff and buff" for the gun you buy. If you are mechanically inclined. Or a gunsmith could do it. You can lightly sand the parts that touch and have to move over each other. I have a kel tec that was unusable for my wife. After working on it she can now rack the slide. Also lubricate the rails and other parts so that they slide easier. If you do sand anything do it slowly and check your progress. If you take off too much you cannot get it back. I use 800 grit automotive sandpaper for mine. It sounds extreme but made all the difference on the kel tec. I also did it with my G19, though with a quality firearm you have less work that needs to be done.

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    If your autoloader has a hammer, cock the hammer first then rack the slide. When you don't do it, you are compressing the recoil spring and the hammer spring, making it harder to rack. Cocking the hammer lets you just work on the recoil spring without the added resistance of the hammer spring.

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    My wife had a similar problem in not being able to rack a KelTec....

    I bought her a Glock-26 and began to show her the action using BOTH hands. Now a Glock is easy for her to 'rack'. Probably more the proper technique rather than anything else...but a Glock is easy for her to rack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Anyway, I thought of something a while back that, if you could get a holster maker to 'invent' it, would work. Some type of holster or holster-esque device that would 'trap' the slide and hold it in place so that you could push the frame through a downward draw, then the slide would release, cocking the weapon as it passes through.
    Someone already invented it. One of the Russian special forces carries their Makarovs in a holster exactly as you described. I'm thinking you probably saw the same History Channel (I believe) program I did.....
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    May sound strange, but a 7 or 8 shot revolver (Taurus has both), I believe there are 'red dot' laser sites for the 5,6,7 & 8 shot revolvers (they are built into new hand grips).

    If you can handle speedloaders or strips, easier than a mag, for reloading ... then that would be the way to go.

    I say this because if you actually have to shoot, and you have a fail to feed, fail to eject, or fail to fire issue... then you are trying to rack the slide again under high pressurse.

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    Gratz on troubleshooting your slide racking issue. You might want to consider a Glock. It's possible to field strip them one handed with a little practice although it does sound like you probably have enough use of your right hand to strip it normally. Still, good to know it can be done.

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