How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

This is a discussion on How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus? within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by QKShooter Shooting related Tinnitus. It was terrible for years but, it's lots better now since I've been staying on top of it ...

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Thread: How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Shooting related Tinnitus.
    It was terrible for years but, it's lots better now since I've been staying on top of it with daily Green Tea Concentrate ~ Combination White/Pink Noise & the proper vitamin supplements.

    This is interesting. Does the combo of tea and vitamins actually reduce the Tinnitus? Can you maybe post a little more info about the "recipe" for the tea and the exact vitamins?


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    I think mine is a combination of everything(shooting, heavy machinery, etc...). The shooting didn't help that much is for sure. I have the occassional "ringing" seemingly at random but not frequent enough to be a problem yet. I'm a good deal more careful these days.
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    Continuous ringing & problems associated with specific frequencies ... sometimes makes it difficult to understand softspoken speech when background noise is involved. Not sure if it is totally the result of gunfire though, plenty of other loud environments probably contributed as well.

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    I've got slight hearing loss and a lot of tinnitus from working on a flightline and flying 53's for 6 years. I'm sure shooting has a little to do with it, but I always wear hearing protection unless I'm hunting.

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    24 Years in the military - lots of shooting, prop planes, jet planes, gas turbines etc. and yes I can hear the ringing. Usually doesn't bother me and didn't even notice it until I read this thread. Wife says I have good hearing - if she says so it must be true:).
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    I don't have ringing anymore and I have had some hearing return after becoming disabled and no longer work in noisy environments,At one time I couldn't hear birds,A hearing test guy told me I had hearing loss in the range of small children and Women,guess it ain't all that bad
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    Ears ring all the time from playing in bands half my life. It is so bad now that I use white noise just to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigStick View Post
    Occasional tenitis.

    But it might be just as much from my bike as from shooting.

    On a side note, are those electronic muffs really worth the extra money?
    I like mine alot. It's nice to be able to hear conversation without removing them.
    Mine aren't the really expensive ones either.
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    mine ring all the time what can i do to help stop it

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    I have some...probably from working in engineering in the Navy.
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    I'll be happy to.
    Look here in the morning.

    Here you go...........

    Herbasway - Protecting Your Health Naturally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post
    This is interesting. Does the combo of tea and vitamins actually reduce the Tinnitus? Can you maybe post a little more info about the "recipe" for the tea and the exact vitamins?



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    I have Tinnitus from being a commercial airline pilot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Left ear almost deaf, right ear isn't so good.

    I shot my share of big guns in the Coast Guard (20mm, 50-cal, & 5" cannon). Although I'm told that most of the hearing loss is due to years of monitoring hailing & distress frequencies @ high volume (back then the only way to hear a faint distress call was to crank everything all the way up and flinch when you got blasted by someone nearby).
    Army here - biggest guns for me was M-60 and not often - over 8 years as a radio intercept operator - same method to acquire weak signals - had a buddy who would get up in the AM with blood on his pillow case... blew out his eardrums one day

    Oh and I was also fixed wing (SEMA) aircrew off and on for a couple of years - my hearing loss is worse on one side and includes most of the range of my wife's voice - sure saved me a LOT od grief when the audiologist at the VA told her that...

    she always thought I had "selective hearing"

    sometimes the tinnitus becomes and auditory hallucination - nothing like hearing a jazz band playing in your ear complete with muffled vocals when you are trying to get some sleep

    hypertension (high blood pressure can also be a cause) get checked by your doc and make sure there are no undiagnosed underlying causes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post

    I have some pretty good ringing in my ears, I'm sure it's from shooting in my younger days with no hearing protection.
    Eh? What's that you say?

    I am pretty sure my tinnitus is from that good old Rock and Roll and the siren my partner turned on when I was two feet from the unit.

    Anyway, my ears ring and when I answer, there's NEVER anyone there.
    Lloyd Colston KC5FM
    Altus, OK USA

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    Tinnitus - not from shooting but from performing in the HS and college band, and from a few too many front row/mosh pit/floor seats at concerts.

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