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How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

This is a discussion on How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus? within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; My hearing is perfect AND I have tinnitus. I don't know why, I pass my annual hearing test with soaring colors (0's and 5's across ...

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Thread: How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

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    2 answers

    My hearing is perfect AND I have tinnitus.

    I don't know why, I pass my annual hearing test with soaring colors (0's and 5's across the board), but my ears have always rung since I was a little tyke. I always use my earmuffs at work and while shooting.
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    I will confess to a wife says a lot, but...
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    Nope, I am good to go with hearing.

    Should I have hearing problems, probably, but luckily I have escaped damage from some of the stupid stuff I have done in the past.
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    I'm loosing my hearing from the engine rooms on the Coast Guard Cutters I have been on. Pretty sad, since I am only 28.

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    I definitely have some hearing loss. Of course I spent almost 25 years working in close proximity of jet aircraft.

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    Nov 2008
    I attribute my hearing loss to many years of working in computer rooms/data centers. Some may not think that a computer room is noisey but there are lots of cooling fans, blowers for A/C the sound of large disk drive spinning etc.

    Listening to my music on "Max" since I was a teenager hasn't helped much either I guess. I still do that even now in my mid 40's.

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    My loss is from my rock-n-roll youth! I couldnt play the music loud enough! My mother swore she could here me coming home 4 blocks away.
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    I have a 20% hearing loss from working in a machine shop for 7 years.

    It was a CONSTANT 129-131 decibels, 40 to 50 hours per week and hearing and eye protection was mandatory.

    we got tested every other year. My hearing was getting progressively worse. Toward the end, I wore plugs and muffs, that seemed to help

    The good news is, I got fired for calling the CEO of the company.....several bad names.... in front of 90 other employees. For some reason the jerk took exception to that~~~weird

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    My ringing is more from jet engines than firing guns. At least that's what the Doc said when I filed with the VA. He's the Doc.
    And it never stops!
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    In Fallujah in Nov. 2004 an Abrams battle tank main gun round fired a few feet from my head. It knocked me down and I thought I was dead. Picked myself back up and reengaged the enemy. My corpsman noticed blood coming from within my helmet and thought I was hit. Tackled me down and pulled off my lid to find the blood coming from my ear. I couldnt hear anything but ringing for the last few days since the battle started. I ruptured my ear drum leaving me mostly def in my left ear and tinnitus in the other. I have come accustom to listening and reading lips when people talk to me, just to figure out what they are saying. My wife hates it when I dont get it and ask her MANY times over to say it again. Hearing aids wont work either. Tried that and they suck!

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    Air Force 30+ yrs of B52's,KC135's, F4's, F15's, F111's,F16's and lots of range time !
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    I've had tinnitus for the past 17-18 years. It started getting bad around 10 years ago. Now I have to have a radio or television on at night when I go to bed. The quieter it is, the more I notice the constant ringing in my ears.

    The tinnitus gets worse the higher the altitude as well. Around 7-8 years ago I helped put up an amateur radio (ham) repeater on a local mountain here in the Las Vegas area. I began noticing the hearing in my left ear slowly diminishing the higher we ascended the mountain. By the time we descended the mountain I lost ALL the hearing in my left ear for 3 days. It slowly came back. After that experience no more "mountain-topping" for me.

    I contribute my tinnitus to age & listening to HF radios while I was in the USAF. All that noise took it's toll on my hearing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
    In Fallujah in Nov. 2004 an Abrams battle tank main gun round fired a few feet from my head. .....

    Sorry to hear this, and thanks for your service.

    Is hearing protection ever worn in combat?

    'Be careful, even in small matters' - Miyamoto Musashi

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    I've never been diagnosed with tinnitus and have always passed my hearing tests but I do have a constant ringing that varies from barely noticeable to moderately irritating. I can't place the blame on any one thing but between the M1 Abrams from my time in the Cav, the years as lead singer /Bass guitar in cover bands and the C-130s on the flight line I can guess that I am lucky to not have to say "what?" constantly.
    I have always been anal about hearing protection on the firing line!
    The best things in life are not free.
    They are paid for with the blood of brave men and women!
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    When I was young and dumb (as opposed to old and stupid)
    I used to shoot with no ear protection
    44 mags
    357's etc.
    Remember not hearing for 4 hours afterwards.
    Yes I have hearing loss
    Yes I have constant ringing
    Yes I was dumb!

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