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How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

This is a discussion on How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus? within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by Chevy-SS Sorry to hear this, and thanks for your service. Is hearing protection ever worn in combat? - No, hearing protection hinders ...

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Thread: How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post
    Sorry to hear this, and thanks for your service.

    Is hearing protection ever worn in combat?

    No, hearing protection hinders the ability to hear commands either by radio or the commander, not to mention other Marines pointing out where the enemy is. Hearing your fellow Marines could save your life, hearing loss was the least of my worries.

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    Diagnosed with Tinnitus before I retired from USAF. 22 years around C-130's and tons of shooting left me with constant ringing in both ears. Since that was service related, it equals 10% disability by the VA as well.

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    I have it but not from shooting...from being attacked and beaten continuously in the head with a 4 D Cell Mag lite flash light. Go figure the only f'n day I didn't carry my pistol. To sum it up....Beaten so bad blood rushed from the lacerations on my head like a open faucet. Couldn't see from the blood getting into my eyes and my jaw had became misaligned for a few weeks, hearing came back after a while, and still have the long cuts on my head and a slight to normal ringing in my right ear. Almost died and spent a few days in the hospital. The "not so nice guy" (for the PC a'hols) was trying to rob me.

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    Gods gift of selective hearing is the ability to tune out things that need not be heard...
    God so loved the world he gave his only son...
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    I'm 26 and have constant ringing in both ears from being an idiot when I was younger and shooting with no protection.

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    Mine ring so loud, I'm surprised you haven't answered the phone. I blame it on 18 years of shooting rivets in airplanes.
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    wow. i didnt expect to see this pole swung THAT much over to the bad side. sorry to hear that (no pun intended).
    I have great hearing, but am still younge. I always wear hearing protection at the range at by machines @ work. I take no chances.
    Thankfully we get our hearing tested every year at work so If I start to loose it I should be able to see it coming
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    I have a little hearing loss - due to age. My wife says it's "selective." Or as Art Garfunkel wrote, "a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

    Unfortunately, hearing loss is cumulative and permanent. All of our kids in the 4-H Shooting Sports program wear ear and eye protection anytime any type shooting is being conducted - pellet, rim fire, center fire or even dry fire. Any time parents are observing and are within the range area, they are required to wear ear and eye protection as well. Parents should be setting a good example for the kids.
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    I have found that my hearing is going; mine is not shooting related though. It isstupid teen years; I listened to my music with headphones a full blast. I mother said "I can hear that over here! You are going to distroy your hearing!" As usual mom was right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR D View Post

    sometimes the tinnitus becomes and auditory hallucination - nothing like hearing a jazz band playing in your ear complete with muffled vocals when you are trying to get some sleep
    Man, I thought I was crazy! I have had tinnitus fr a long time. I think it was from a combination of my Army days in a tank, during live fire, with no hearing protection and from my rock-n-roll days down front and center at concerts.

    I sometimes hear things that seem so real. I hear music that isn't there, voices that aren't real and other things that make me get up and check. Sometimes I can just listen closely and make the sounds change and then I figure out what is going on.

    I would love to stop this ringing in my ears. Happens 24/7. I don't always pay as much attention to it as other times, especially when I have some background noise. When its bad though, its bad.
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    Some hearing loss, background noise often prevents me from hearing conversations clearly.

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    Have Tinnitus, ears ring 24/7. Plus high frequency hearing loss, get disability for it from VA.

    Spent Army time in infantry, combat engineers (demolition).

    Retired US Army

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    Best darn reason for not making suppressors registered NFA item! Amazingly, we are behind many European countries in this matter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by johnshia View Post
    Best darn reason for not making suppressors registered NFA item! Amazingly, we are behind many European countries in this matter.


    Good point John, I have often wished I could legally and easily buy suppressors.

    'Be careful, even in small matters' - Miyamoto Musashi

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    I'm married, hearing loss is a blessing.

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