How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

This is a discussion on How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus? within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; If you gotta ask what Tinnitus is, then you probably don't have any, lol. I'm just curious to see what percentage of members here have ...

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Thread: How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

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    How many here have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

    If you gotta ask what Tinnitus is, then you probably don't have any, lol. I'm just curious to see what percentage of members here have some hearing loss and/or Tinnitus.

    I have some pretty good ringing in my ears, I'm sure it's from shooting in my younger days with no hearing protection.
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    Not at all certain it is from shooting. My mom had it really bad later in life and was never exposed to excessive noise.

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    Huh? I couldn't hear you!
    I think I am experiencing a hearing threshold shift, based on my own perception, but oddly, my hearing still seems to be better than most. (I used to have what my wife deemed "superhuman" hearing).
    Mine is from years of sirens and cumulative effect. I always wear hearing protection when shooting.
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    Left ear almost deaf, right ear isn't so good.

    I shot my share of big guns in the Coast Guard (20mm, 50-cal, & 5" cannon). Although I'm told that most of the hearing loss is due to years of monitoring hailing & distress frequencies @ high volume (back then the only way to hear a faint distress call was to crank everything all the way up and flinch when you got blasted by someone nearby).
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    Shooting related Tinnitus.
    It was terrible for years but, it's lots better now since I've been staying on top of it with daily Green Tea Concentrate ~ Combination White/Pink Noise & the proper vitamin supplements.

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    Fell asleep on a night live firing exercise with the Territorial Army (bit like your National Guard) in 1988.
    Iím sure you ex forces guys know what Iím talking about, lying up in wait for a couple of hours, well we slept!
    Flare went up to start the attack, and we opened up!!
    No ear defenders (took them out to sleep) and we had the 7.62 SLR then, it made a hell of a clang when the working parts shot back, couldnít hear for 3 days!!!
    46 now and I cannot hear certain sounds, not as bad as some though
    My mother in law (64) was a telephone operator, her hearing is really bad.........

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    1,384 far, perfect hearing. But...I'm kind of OCD about ear protection at the range, at concerts, and I'm always turning down the radio and TV.
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    I don't have many issues with my hearing, at least not yet.

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    I'm deaf in one ear and I can't hear out of the other!
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    Occasional tenitis.

    But it might be just as much from my bike as from shooting.

    On a side note, are those electronic muffs really worth the extra money?
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    Lost a big chunk of hearing from when I worked on jets, and got Tinnitus from that too.
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    Yes...and ENT told me that it could be a number of factors, including genetic. So I asked my dad, who I know has some hearing loss, do you have a ringing in your ears ever? Yes, was his reply. Since when? He wasn't exactly sure, but said probably around age 30. That explained a lot for me. The ENT said it may or may not be something that could be helped, and a lot of tests would have to be done to find out. I never pursued the least not yet.

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    Among a few other foolish things I did when I was younger I sometimes fired off howitzers without ear protection. My ears would ring for days but luckily I don't have any permanent damage to my hearing that I notice. Nowadays I won't even shoot my 22 rifle without ear protection.

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    i am getting VA disability for tinitus, but it comes and goes (seriously). on bad days I have ringing really bad to where I have to read lips. most of the time I have no issues at all.
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