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Young ladies at the range

This is a discussion on Young ladies at the range within the Basic Gun Handling & Safety forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Sensible flat shoes. I see young ladies in five-inch heels at my range, sliding all over the brass on the floor... And no phones/texting, though ...

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Thread: Young ladies at the range

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    Sensible flat shoes. I see young ladies in five-inch heels at my range, sliding all over the brass on the floor... And no phones/texting, though nowadays that takes away their camera, which you might want them to have...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    +1 on the safety class before departing for the range, reviewing the rules for firearm safety.

    Definitely address the dress and appearance issue well in advance (as stated above).

    I also assume you have parental permission?

    I would also have several firearm-savvy adults present (including a few female shooters) for one-on-one supervision...with one adult watching the line, explaining/teaching what is going on.

    Eyes and ears for everyone?

    Make time for pictures....everyone loves pictures at the range...especially newbies....

    Does the range you are going to know you are coming?? Is it expected to be busy at the time of day/day of the week you will be going?...maybe make arrangements to get a couple of lanes together?

    Just some random thoughts.
    AS ABOVE ++

    MEET with the "ADULTS 1st & go over your "criteria".

    1. ??? what is the Qualification/Certs of Instructors, RSOs etc. ( NRA,BSA,Hunter ED, etc)
    2. Do they have experience in working with age group in this type of situation??
    3. Not only get permission from the parents about their youth participating & BE SURE to go over the RULES OF CONTACT (touching the student)
    4. Be sure to make it clear with the range & clarify "issues' ( like other shooters etc.
    5.Be sure that any non participating individuals ( parent, friends etc) are placed in a position, that they can not distract the students)
    6. BE SURE ALL "instructors" know "THE RULES OF CONTACT & FOLLOW THEM!!!

    Although, the above sounds "intimidating" if you "pre plan" then the experience on the range, for ALL will be GREAT. I know,BEEN doing it for YEARS & I LOVE IT.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dan765 View Post
    So it was decided at church to take the yound ladies (age 12-18) of the congregation to the range to learn how to handle a gun. We thought it a bad idea at first but after thinking about, we decided to do it.

    For those who have taken yound ladies to the range for the first time, what should I do/tell them in order to maintain proper handling and safety?
    Just like what you tell boys/men, in addition to the fact that shooting is a fine motor control skill like sewing and that they have an intrinsic advantage in shooting, compared to boys/men.

    Also, like elderly and children, odds are that firearms are of more value to girls/women than boys/men.

    Common mistakes I often see in instruction are:

    1. inadequate hearing protection
    2. starting off with guns that are too small. E.g., shooting a snubbie well is for experts, not novices.

    Good job!

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    I think many missed the first point... I would make. MUZZLE control, muzzle control, muzzle control... AT ALL TIMES .... don't forget you have a gun in your hand.

    2nd, if there are "any" issues.... don't leave their spot, keep gun pointed down range and stay put .... raise their hand... help will come to them. You don't wanting them walking back with a gun saying "this thing won't shoot... watch this ".

    Make sure everyone's gun is actually clear before they leave their spot.

    Listen to whoever is instructing them. Discussions with fellow shooter, are for after they walk away from shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    The four rules is always good.
    NO CELL PHONES on. (Calls, texting, etc.)
    Pay attention to the range officer.
    Keep you attention on the range officer, not the cute guy walking behind you.

    Oh my that's funny......only because the couple-few times I've had 'young ladies' on the range those very rules were 'vocalized' along with the "The four" rules. Bless the girls hearts, they followed all of 'em.....and had a fun, learning experience.

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    I am sure you have plenty of safety recoemmendations by the look of the posts in this thread. On a little different note, I signed my wife and two of my boys up for a First Shots class. For $50 they were taught the basics of safely handling a gun, pieces and parts names, how to aim, etc. They even provided them 50 rounds and a range .22. My youngest is 12 and because he took the class he is able to accompany me to the indoor range and shoot with me; 18 without ther class.
    Better to have and to hold, than to leave in the nightstand.....

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    I agree with all of the other posts and safety should be priority one. However, before they ever fire the weapon they should be exposed to the concepts of eye dominance and proper sight picture.

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