Its easy to identify the key features of the SHTF Gear ACE line of holsters, and if you've ever been to our website, you've seen the picture of the top 9 features that are built into ever single holster we ship out (we don't charge extra for features that should be built in to the holster, it comes standard).

An unexpected reason that SHTF Gear Holsters stand out in a competitive market-feature-small.jpg

There is another aspect of the holster which I learned about from customers who have given me feedback after experiencing a variety of other similar designs on the market. People have consistently mentioned the width of the holsters, people appreciated that their SHTF Gear ACE holster didn't wrap so far around their body.

We don't use a single sized piece of leather for all of our holsters as a cost saver, but make each specific holster with with the smallest leather backer that provides proper coverage of the slide/barrel (keeping it protected from your body, and more importantly keeping your body protected from pressure points of the gun). Because each holster is made specifically for your gun, you get the most compact and comfortable hybrid holster you can buy.