A lot of you have been patiently waiting for the new products we first mentioned about 3 months ago. The time is drawing near and the first batch of our new tuckable belt loops is going out today. We are just waiting on the final order of hardware so we can produce them in sufficient quantities to meet the demand. The new loops are called Lok Loops, and here are the features.

  • Tuckable
  • User adjustable for belt widths from 1.25" to 2"
  • Matte Black, Pull-the-dot snaps (one way snaps that lock in 3 directions)
  • Made from a leather-like coated webbing that is stronger, easier to clean, and more durable than leather
  • Straps are attached to .093 Kydex using a stainless steel screw
  • Kydex is finished using a special abrasive process that smooths and applies a radius to all edges
  • Available in black and brown
  • Made in Logan, Utah
  • Compatible with most hybrid holsters on the market
  • Estimated Price: $9.95-$14.95

The next item is the update to our popular horizontal magazine carrier. Limitations in our previous design prevented us from adjusting the carrier to fit multiple sizes of magazine. The new Horizontal Magazine Carrier is available will initially be available in 3 sizes to fit almost all magazines on the market (We have yet to test double stack 45's, it may require a 4th size).

Our new carrier has the following features.
  • 3 sizes available to fit your magazine
  • Low profile horizontal design (doesn't dig into your side like many vertical carriers)
  • Two belt straps to ensure stability and a tight fit to the body
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of magazine capacities within a given caliber
  • Flap closure provides security and increased concealment
  • Discreet appearance that doesn't give you away
  • Estimated price: $19.95-$24.95

With both of the new products, we have tried to produce the best product available on the market and have taken a lot of care into the design through lessons learned in our previous offerings. I can say without question that I believe you won't find a better tuckable loop for hybrid holsters, or a better magazine carrier for concealed carry. I look forward to giving providing more info, including an order link in the next week or so.