2 year anniversary

2 year anniversary

This is a discussion on 2 year anniversary within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Today is the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's death. He passed young (63) and very suddenly, no warning. I really can't think of a day ...

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Thread: 2 year anniversary

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    2 year anniversary

    Today is the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's death. He passed young (63) and very suddenly, no warning. I really can't think of a day that has passed that I don't think about him. It's just a dreary gloomy day outside, thats kinda how I'm feeling. Thanks for letting me share a little everyone.
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    Plumberguy. I feel for you. Prayers sent. I just lost my brother in December and now and again a memory will hit me that I haven't thought of in decades and makes me smile. Almost feel like he's saying hello.

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    It will get better, i promise it will. I lost my mother 4 years ago, she was 56, the cancer came and she was gone. Keep your head up and remember the good times that you had. It can make you feel better if you remember a time that was funny. I know it sounds simple, but sometimes thats what we need.
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    Losing loved ones is a process that we all go through, and it's no easy task. I lost my dad almost 14 years ago, and it feels like it was just a short time ago...so many things I do and think about bring back thoughts of him.
    Talk about him, think about him, and savor the thoughts of all your dad's best moments.

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    That's one part of life that just plain sucks!At 54 i have no one left as they started
    later in life.It seems the last 4 years I lived at the funeral Parlor and death seems to be just part of the life cycle.As time passes you remember the good times but
    there will be times it will seem it happen just like yesterday.Have faith in your beliefs as there's got to be Paradise waiting for us.

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    Lost my father Jan.2010, ,,I Really know how you feel,
    I do not think it matters how old they are when the pass, it s never enough time. Remember the times you have had with them, and AGAIN, everyone, may I remind you to call your loved ones often, visit more often than you think; IE, when you think you are becoming a bother to them, then maybe its enough

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