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This is a discussion on There is no better way to put it..... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by earlthegoat2 I often wonder if maybe I should just accept a job as a night stocker for Wal Mart and just climb ...

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Thread: There is no better way to put it.....

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    Yes, take the job

    Quote Originally Posted by earlthegoat2 View Post

    I often wonder if maybe I should just accept a job as a night stocker for Wal Mart and just climb the latter as high as I can go until I do not have the strength to tie my shoes anymore. In one way it does not sound bad but in another it would be giving up on myself and accepting mediocrity when I know I am worth so much more.
    All honest work is honorable work. If this is available I recommend you take it. This would not preclude you from looking for other work.

    Earning even a little might just help you regain a positive mental attitude. Good luck.

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    There are more. Just because your state doesnt give veterans preferance doesnt mean nobody will. You dont get to pick when a war happens, I hate to believe that would hold you back. Earl if your seperation was due to something service related the VA should be able to help.

    I dont care if you served one day or 20 years or if you fought in a foreing country or stayed stateside pushing paper. The fact that people raise their hand to serve thier country and then that country refuses to hire them irks me to no end. I wish you both the best and will be thinking of you.

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    Guy, I to was with out a job and now am only working part time. But I would like to pass on a trick I have learned. When you Turn in an App. or Res. DOT NOT GIVE THEM TO HR PEOPLE. Talk to the Boss and give him the app and Res. This has worked well for me.
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    Sorry to hear about your predicament. It is very difficult to find a job and create a life that are both enjoyable and make decent money.

    I am sure you are quite thrifty, but if I were you, I would enter "ultra-ultra low spend no money mode". Cancel you car insurance, take the bus, walk, or find a free bike on criagslist. Sell your car if you must gas, insurance, depreciation, and maintenance are very expensive. Cooking your own food is cheaper than eating out, drink only water (its free). Cancel your home internet if you have it, cable tv, and anything else you can live without. Your telephone is probably necessary in your job hunt. If you must, cancel your phone and use your girlfriends. Seriously, most of the things in our life are conveniences, we don't really need any of them.

    Utilize the public library. They have free computers, internet, and most important of all knowledge! Find a career you think you can stand and read every single thing you can find about it. It will make you a far better applicant. Knowledge is free for the taking.

    Essentially all part time or hourly jobs mean that you are going to be working for someone else. They give instructions and you follow them. It sucks. We all do it for a while, but if you work hard, be 100% honest, and strive to be the best in the pack, you will make it out.

    Have you taken any of the civil service tests? Local police or fire dept hiring? Want to join the military? Applied to be a census worker?

    Best of luck.
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    Have you taken any of the civil service tests? Local police or fire dept hiring? Want to join the military? Applied to be a census worker?
    Yes to all. Thank you for the kindf words though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earlthegoat2 View Post
    Tally XD- you are not hijacking anything

    This thread is for you too.

    It is nice (in a good way) to know there are others out there with me and nice to know there are others supporting me too. I have a strong family base and am close and they will bail me out in a pinch. I never want it to reach that point though.

    LeChuck- I know your intentions are good but the jobs just are not there. If there was any hope anywhere it has been tried already.

    It helps to know there are people praying out there for me. I was never in a position where I did not think somebody did not care but it is nice to know there are so many out there who do.
    Didn't mean to upset you, was just trying to offer a suggestion most don't think to turn too.

    As far as working at Walmart goes, I knew people that stocked there. I knew them because I was stocking shelves at Toys R Us at night during the xmas season. Their job seemed to be better than working at Toys R Us, and my job wasn't all that bad.

    To be honest, I kind of enjoyed working nights. Seeing as how I don't have kids or a wife I wouldn't hesitate to take the graveyard shift again.

    Either way, good luck man.

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    Prayin' fer ya Earl... been unemployed for over a year and in the same spot not too long ago. I have a temporary job now and still no full time opportunities. In three more months I'll be unemployed again if something doesn't turn up. The pay isn't half of what I used to make but... I'm grateful every pay day for what I can get. My attitude about having a job has changed tremendously and the things my fellow employees complain about don't bother me in the least. Not anymore!
    I've never worked so hard in my life at being a good employee. At almost 60, maybe I've finally learned something and that's what the trial was for.

    So bro, I can relate. I think I'd take any job I could get and like Sixto said, be the best they ever had! Be humble and be honest, be early for work, don't complain and don't slack off or hang around those that do. You'll be appreciated and opportunities will arise.

    God bless you Earl!
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    In the early 70's finding a job was impossible. I had finished my degree, which did me no good at all because the only "openings" I qualified for had a 'racial preference' in hiring (the quota system). Others just told me I was "over-qualified" and wouldn't stay when things got better. For every opening, there were hundreds of applications even for minimum wages.

    I got down to having no food, 25 cents which I was going to buy a candy bar to kill my hunger and the machine stole that, what gas I had in my car, and a $9 electrical bill I could not pay. I didn't think I could get any lower than I was at that point.

    I could have gotten depressed about it and kinda was at that point, and that's when I decided... nope.... I'm not going to let it get me down... this is when I take control of my life and not the circumstances. I went to places that didn't even have job openings posted and pushed to apply so if one did open up at some time. Hey, I need a job. I let them know how 'determined' I was .... to work.

    At one point a guy (at a place I kept going back to... and bugging) told another guy about me ("this guy is determined to work") and he was looking for some temporary hard labor work and he asked me if I would be interested. He stressed how "nasty" the work was. I told him I didn't care. It was too, but I paid the electrical bill, was able to eat and to get some gas in the car.

    After 2 weeks of doing this work and it was ending, he came up and introduced me to another man. They just chatted with me.. about nothing in particular, so I had no clue what this was about. The one guy then said about me to the other one, he has done the work of any 3 men I have, he never complains, and every morning he's here with a smile on his face ready to go. (Sure, it meant I was going to get to eat that day).

    Long story, this guy owned a company and offerred me a full time job, which later led to a promotion, and he told someone else about me which led to another job.... which then led to another promotion, and eventually things got better in the economy and I was able to get into the areas I had hoped to in the first place.

    YOU , cannot control the economy.... but you CAN control how you are perceived, how you are perceived as an employee, how you do your work, and your attitude. Dont' take 'no' for answer, keep coming back and back and back and back to them. And all of that, can get you a lot of places you never thought you might end up.

    Keep your head UP !!!

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    For you guys looking for jobs, could you post a brief description of your education/experience? You never know when someone here might have a connection. In my area companies are starting to hire again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phreddy View Post
    For you guys looking for jobs, could you post a brief description of your education/experience? You never know when someone here might have a connection. In my area companies are starting to hire again.
    This is a great idea^^^^^^^^^

    Yiou never know. even If you had to move it may be better in the long run.

    Good luck ,prayers sent.
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