Problems with hearing.

Problems with hearing.

This is a discussion on Problems with hearing. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm always careful with hearing when shooting, however recently I was lazy with hearing protection when listening to music and doing lawn care. Even little ...

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Thread: Problems with hearing.

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    Problems with hearing.

    I'm always careful with hearing when shooting, however recently I was lazy with hearing protection when listening to music and doing lawn care. Even little things like having a fan to close to me when sleeping or having the TV on as I sleep.

    My mother's side always has hearing problems as they age (however I'm under 40, so a bit early for that). Father's side is not much better, again, as they age. I value my hearing a lot, and just disapointed in myself.

    Since June 1, I'm been having hearing problems (especially left hear). Went to a specialist, and I have some loss, not sure if permanent. I have noticed something for a year or so (last year hunting I keep turning my hear right to hear better and there was a light ring I thought was a TV).

    Being to hard on myself, and could just be an infection, doctor is not sure. MRI next week and on some meds.

    It comes and goes a bit, so I'm hopeful, but I have a ring that will not quit.

    For those who pray, I would not mind a few others whispering in God's ear. I'm a bit down on my luck in other areas (unemployment mostly), but I know I have it good overall (who needs a job when you have a good wife who is employed). Mild joke, but we are good as long as one of us is employeed, we are careful.

    The hearing is something I am going to really miss if it goes. Music and conversation are two of my most enjoyable hobbies. Be careful everyone.
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    WHAT!..... Just kidding. I think we all could be a little more careful with our hearing, but sadly the mistakes we've made in the past are going to catch up to us all some day.
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    I have permanent ringing in my ears from Vietnam. (122mm rockets and mortars)
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    I pray there's no permanent hearing loss. And I hope you find a good job soon.

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    Praying for you, may God's Grace bless and encourage you.
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    I have tinnitus as well. A near constant ringing in my ears. A cumulative effect from 30 years with sirens blaring over my head as well as quite a few rock concerts.

    I also have a fair amount of hearing loss in certain frequency ranges.

    I have a hard time following conversations at times if several people are talking and there's a lot of background noise like a TV going in the back ground. I am constantly saying "huh?" during conversation.

    I can't wear a hearing aid because then I won't be able to fit a stethoscope in my ears at work.

    I always wear hearing protection and always have when shooting, except for when hunting.

    With the exception of rock concerts, I've always done my best to protect my hearing and most of my hearing loss is occupational related. Even when on the flight line while in the Marines and wearing a "cranial" there was still a lot of noise I was exposed to.

    I hope your hearing loss isn't permanent. Good luck on your tests.

    I'll be praying for ya.
    Semper Fi

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    I'll be praying for you! That ring you hear is called tinnitus, I have it in both ears.

    Where I work it's common for people to have iPods. There is one guy that I can literally hear coming from 50' away because I can hear his music blasting out from his ear buds! Either his hearing is already gone or it soon will be!
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    Added to my DC list...
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    Good luck to you. I have some ringing, but it's not constant and I still seem to be able to hear ok. Mine tends to come and go and usually some type of device like a TV being turned on or something will set it off but it subsides eventually. Thankfully I'm not as bad off as some folks here yet.

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    Something I've always done is wear both earplugs and muffs when shooting - especially indoors. Where I work also has a hearing protection policy. I used to be real bad about not following it unless I was being watched but now I am trying be more dilligent. Sometimes I even wear them in my office - helps me concentrate.

    Two other things can cause hearing loss in the form of a ringing in the ears - a sinus infection and anemia. After my son was born my wife had a constant ringing in her ears. We thought it was anemia but it turned out to be just a sinus infection.

    One thing I've caught myself doing is wearing earphones while cutting the grass and turning them way up so I can hear the music over the mower. I need to wear earmuffs over the earphones so I can turn them down.

    One question - does anyone know if the noise-cancelling earphones are good or bad for your ears? I know they don't work as hearing protection but I believe they work by playing a sound at a frequency that cancels out the surrounding noise.

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    Prayers sent that He will heal & restore your hearing.

    I was out an outdoor range some time ago and 3 generations were shooting. Grampa was teaching his teenage grandson how to shoot his 357 or 44 magnum revolver. None of them had hearing protection!

    The grandson turned to me and said, "I wish I'd thought about that (motioning to my 'protection'), my ears hurt!"

    If I'd had any extra hearing protection on me, I gladly would've donated it to them!
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