Prayers for my cousin - Wounded in combat

Prayers for my cousin - Wounded in combat

This is a discussion on Prayers for my cousin - Wounded in combat within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My cousin was in Afghanistan on a supply convoy when they were hit with an RPG. He was hit with shrapnel in the neck, arms ...

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Thread: Prayers for my cousin - Wounded in combat

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    Prayers for my cousin - Wounded in combat

    My cousin was in Afghanistan on a supply convoy when they were hit with an RPG. He was hit with shrapnel in the neck, arms and legs. He was the least wounded of the men he was with and after a brief firefight he drove his self and wounded soldiers back to base. They were still able to kick some butt even after they sustained their injuries. He was awarded the purple heart and bronze star. He is currently at home in Maine recovering from his wounds.

    Please send your prayers for a speedy recovery! Thank you.

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    Prayers sent. I have a nephew who arrived in Afghanistan Thursday.

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    Prayers for your cousin and his comrades as well.
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    If I knew where in Maine he was I'd bring him a beer.

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    You got it. I lost a Nephew, serving with the 10th Mountain Division, over there.

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    @ Wits' End

    You got 'em. Thank him for his service from all of us here.
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    Added to my DC list...
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    Prayers sent and God Speed for a quick and complete recovery.

    I had a nephew flying Apache helicopters in A-stan a couple years ago. Hazardous flying in the high altitude mountains. We were all glad he made it home unscathed.

    I pray for all our troops deployed in harms way so far from home.

    Thanks to your nephew for his brave service!
    Semper Fi

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    Pro2A, Prayers sent for your cousin and the whole family brother. Thank him on my behalf for his service to our country and God Bless.
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    Thoughts and prayers from son is preparing for this third combat deployment...first to Afghanistan...this January...

    And thank him for his service...
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    In my thoughts!
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    That is one hell of an accomplishment,wounded by shrapnel,return fire and repel ambush then drive your buddies to safety.I hope and pray he recovers 100%
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    Prayers on the way for a speedy recovery!
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    Praying for this needed that God's Grace, Healing and Protection will be abundant!
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    Prayers for a speedy recovery. God Bless Him and ALL our troops that serve and those that are in harm's way...
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