Just wanted to give an update about my relationship with my dad.

Just wanted to give an update about my relationship with my dad.

This is a discussion on Just wanted to give an update about my relationship with my dad. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; First I want to say thank you to all that helped me forget and forgive. It was not easy for me to do and I'm ...

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Thread: Just wanted to give an update about my relationship with my dad.

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    Thumbs up Just wanted to give an update about my relationship with my dad.

    First I want to say thank you to all that helped me forget and forgive. It was not easy for me to do and I'm still taking baby steps but I'm getting there.

    I meant to call him yesterday to wish him a Happy Fathers Day but I did forget. It is a call I've not made in years but I did call him tonight.

    We talked for almost 20 minutes and I enjoyed it. The family reunion is still on and I plan on being there with my daughter. He has never met her and I've not seen my dad since 1994.

    Yes, I'm calling him dad now. It still is not easy but it is getting easier to call him dad. I have talked with him more in the past few months than I have in years. I honestly think both of us are trying. I know I will never have the relationship I wanted with him but at least we are trying to build a new one which is pretty cool. It is taking an effort on both of our parts but at least both of us are taking the time and trying.

    I thank those that helped me work through this ruff spot in my life. This forum is not just about firearms. It is about real life people with real life problems and it is nice to know that one can reach out and get solid advice from others on this forum.

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    Good for both of you. I wish I could have wished my Dad a Happy Father's Day face to face, but The Lord had the need for a good man in Heaven. Spend as much time as you can with him. You won't regret it.

    It's not what you go thru in life, but how well you go thru it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoWeBePart1 View Post
    This forum is not just about firearms. It is about real life people with real life problems ...
    On EVERY forum, behind those anonymous little "handles" are real people ... on each and every one of them. I try to remember that each time I post.

    Glad to hear your relationship with Dad's back on track. Good luck with everything!
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    Congrats to you both. I'm glad things are working out for you. Keep working at it and soon it won't feel like work.

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    Happy things are turning around! My dad passed three years ago! Spend as much time with your dad as possible, and get the relationship as good as it can be, you will be happy that you did when he's gone!
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    Glad things are progressing in the right direction.
    This is my first fathers day without my dad,(He passed on Jan 12, 2010).
    It is a good thing to reunite with him, at least once, to see how it will go. If it is unfavorable, then at least you tried.
    All the best to You and Yours.
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    Great update and glad to hear it.

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    Outstanding! Good to hear that.

    Baby steps is all anyone can ask for in this world. I'm glad you are looking forward to the family reunion thing. I believe it will be nice get together and good for your daughter to meet her grandfather.

    Very glad the two of you are moving forward and not back.

    We can't ever change the past... It is what it is. But if we can leave the past in the past, we can usually find it in ourselves to move forward, and moving forward is what counts.

    Good luck on the reunion gig and your next step!

    (I appreciate you getting back to us with an update! That was nice.)
    Semper Fi

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    I'm glad things are going so well for you. Treasure the times you make for each other, we never know how much time we have before one is gone. My father had COPD and coded on Father's Day 2002. He was brought back but only had bodily functions, no mind to speak of. He didn't have a DNR so my brother and I had to make that decision. That was the most painful decision I ever had to make. He left us a few days later. Here's to continuing success for you and your father.

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    That's very positive news...glad you 'repaired' that connection...keep working on it!
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    My father died this past February, so this past Father's Day was sort of different for me. My Dad is gone, and you are building a relationship with your Dad, and I'm really happy for you.

    Allow me to pass the baton to you now......and run with it.
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    Great news, one step at a time.

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    I'm very happy to hear this, it's great news. My wife had a similar experience a few years ago. She had been estranged from her parents since she was a teen, and she's in her 50's now. About 5 years ago, she got word that her father was interested in regaining a relationship. She flew back to the east coast, and saw her father, and , and everything went well. In fact, it went so well that she decided to try to get back with her mother. Her brothers tried to discourage her (her mother was pretty much in charge of the family, and the one that was keeping my wife away). But she went ahead, and was able to reconcile with her as well. Her father died 2 years later, and her mother had a massive stroke around the same time, and cannot speak. I was so happy that she was able to reconcile with her father before he died, and also happy she could do the same with her mother.
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