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Thread: Stress

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    Angry Stress

    Slipped a little today. Closed out my parents estate, wife and kid are out of town visiting her mom, don't have to work tomorrow. At least I parked myself at home. Sometimes a guy just needs some time to think and reflect on life. The beers brought a sense of relaxation that I needed but the smokes are going in the can. I should have just bought a cigar. I will stand strong tomorrow against the vices.

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    Sorry for your loss. Hang in there! You'll get through this. Like you said, stand strong against your vices or they will win and you'll be dealing with them for a long time.
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    Good luck to you.

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    Good luck.
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    I am closing out my mother's estate also.

    I find comfort in the fact that as I look back, wife and I did everything every way possible for my parents.

    My folks had a good testimony and service for the Lord and are in a better place now.

    Hope you find the peace and help you need for the days to come.
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    Not to sound like a cliche, but one day at a time. Everyone slips, but the true mark is to get back up and try again. Good luck.
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    You'll get through this but you know that. The fact that you recognize the stress is a very good sign. I'm very sorry for your loss.
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    You didn't slip. Bad things in life happen and there is nothing wrong with feeling down and out. Everyone is allowed to feel sad, stressed and even depressed now and then. Emotions are a very important part of life. At least you did the proper thing and parked yourself at home.

    Life will slowly get better but even after tonight you will stay have bad days. My mother died January 18th last year. I miss her terribly and I still at times think I can call her to tell her something and then it hits me. Nope, I can't.

    So I talk to her urn that sits on my computer desk. She never responds though but that is ok. It helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    You'll get through this but you know that. The fact that you recognize the stress is a very good sign. I'm very sorry for your loss.
    ^^^^^Definitely what Thumper said^^^^^^^^^^^

    I'm going through the loss of my Dad in January.

    I have a picture of him in all my vehicles, and in my truck at work.
    I say good morning to him, and it allows me to reflect on the wonderful man he was, the teriffic childhood he provided for my mom, myself and my two brothers and sister.
    This provides inspiration for me to do the same for my family, although I'm not always on track, I stay with it.
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    You will prevail.

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    It will take some time just make sure you keep the good memories alive!!
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    Although it may not seem like it, time heals all...sorry for your stressful times, things will get better soon. Hang in there!
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