Our friends had to make the hardest decision in their life today.....

This is a discussion on Our friends had to make the hardest decision in their life today..... within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; justin.jpg My wife's college roomate and her family have had their world torn apart the last five days. They have a 5 year old Matthew ...

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Thread: Our friends had to make the hardest decision in their life today.....

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    Our friends had to make the hardest decision in their life today.....

    justin.jpgMy wife's college roomate and her family have had their world torn apart the last five days. They have a 5 year old Matthew and a 3 year old Justin. Justin came down with the flu about 7 days ago. 5 days ago she went to check on a sleeping Justin, she had that sixth sense that something wasn't right. She returned a little while later to a lathargic 3 three year old who cound't speak correctly and was making unusual movements. She proceeded to Justin's doctor which told her to take Justin to Children's Medical Center immediately. He became uncouncious, they admitted him to the hospital. His brain began to swell. They eventually induced him into a coma. His brain would swell then go down then swell and so forth. He stabilized for about a day. Then took a turn for the worse, his brain began to swell to the point they could not measure it. At that point the blood supply was constricted and eventually developed brain damage. Eventually he was solely dependant on life support, after many tests it was determined blood flow had ceased to the brain and even if he pulled through he would be in a vegitative state. They made the decision to discontinue life support about 3:30P.M. central. The doctor's still don't know why this happened. They are leaning toward a genetic disorder triggered by the flu infection. They took a biopsy from Justin for genetic testing. I can't imaging having to do what they had to do today. Pray for Justin and his family, they are a very religious family and I know God will help them through this.
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    They will be in my prayers, this is so sad. I hope they will find comfort in the near future.
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    Prayers away with Godspeed.
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    Oh my God, what a terrible tragedy. They will be in my prayers and my heart goes out to them. Losing a son is horrible enough, but having to lose such a young boy and having to disconnect him off life-support must've been Hell.
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    Just a little sick.....and then that?!? There are no real words. Prayers for that family.
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    This is just awful. I've copied and pasted it into an email to those on my email list, to drum up some more prayers for this family.
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    I really can't imagine the pain and sorrow as my heart goes out to the family. I linked this post' to my friend. She’s a PhD molecular biologist who studies DNA and diseases.
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    They must be devastated... I certainly would be. I hope they are strong enough to recover from the horrible loss of their child. Some never do. My thoughts are with them.
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    My prayers are with your friends.
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    Terrible, terrible news... That is absolutely the worst nightmare any parent could face; nobody should face the pain of losing a child. Your friends will be in my thoughts.

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    I can not imagine much their hearts must be breaking. Prayers sent that God gives them enough.

    Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to hug my daughter.

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    I've been to a similar place. My brother and I had to decide on a DNR for our dad. As hard as that was I can't imagine how hard it would be for a parent to make this decission. My prayers go out to them.

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    Prayer sent for the family. May God comfort them at this time.
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    Absolutely horrible. I will add them to my list.
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    That is just heart breaking. I absolutely can't imagine what that family must be going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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