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Proud Momma Moment

This is a discussion on Proud Momma Moment within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A few weeks ago, my son was in the talent show at his elementary school. Since we moved over the summer, he's in a new ...

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Thread: Proud Momma Moment

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    Cool Proud Momma Moment

    A few weeks ago, my son was in the talent show at his elementary school. Since we moved over the summer, he's in a new school this year, so it was the first time they had heard him sing this (he played the same song last year at his previous school's talent show).

    My son's act was the finale. Unfortunately, the show had a 2 minute restriction (no exceptions!) on all performances, so he had to severely cut back on the song, even chopping a verse from the portion he sang.

    YouTube - Demango Talent Show 2011

    The chanting, arm-waving, etc. by the crowd was unique to my son's performance and completely took all of us off guard. The audience had, believe it or not, been pretty quiet the whole evening.

    I don't know if you can make him out, but the emcee actually apologizes to the crowd for not being Joey (my son)! The crowd started chanting his name just after the previous act left the stage. Fortunately, I was manning the camera from the other side of the room - because my husband couldn't stop laughing over that and everything else that was going on during the performance.

    After the show, my son was mobbed by 7th and 8th grade girls in attendance and helping backstage who dragged him into the school's music room and "forced" him to continue playing - which he did for another twenty minutes. Then they had him signing his autograph - on paper and on certain body parts (okay, arms), giving out his e-mail address, and so on. Poor kid... he's in sixth grade and already has groupies! Some of the girls told him that they're going to take good care of him when he gets to Middle School next year. Another gave him a hug and told him that she loves him.

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    Well some ladies love musicians. Keep a close eye on those girls mom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbary View Post
    Well some ladies love musicians. Keep a close eye on those girls mom.
    Agreed! Networking early has it's perks!

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    That was awesome! Very talented young man you have there, congrats, and best of luck to him if he decides to continue with his musical endeavorer.

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    I liked the choice of song.
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    Is he a fan of Leonard Cohen?
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    You have every right to be proud. He is a talented young man. Nice video, thank you for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I liked the choice of song.

    Talented young man!!!

    I flicked my lighter and waved it in the air during his performance!
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    He definitely has great talent. Thank you for sharing that one. YOU should be very proud.

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    Congrats! Talented! know, that's how Gene Simmons started out! LOL

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    Good job!!!

    My 15 yr. old daughter, and 6 yr. old son have started getting involved in the local community play/theater for children.
    In late fall she was Susan in Narnia, not the biggest female role in the play, but she was in it for 15 of the 19 scenes, and the little guy was a Narnian.
    Opening day was yesterday and she is the Sour Kangaroo, in Suessical., a musical.
    For tryouts they had the Music teacher from her high school there, and after here audition for Suessical, he said where have you been, and why aren't you in choir?.
    After the play, a few moms came up to here and said they thought her voice was terrific.
    It sure does make a parent proud.
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