Baby Brother Asked For Some Advice Today

Baby Brother Asked For Some Advice Today

This is a discussion on Baby Brother Asked For Some Advice Today within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My baby brother called me today and asked if I would help him buy a gun. I met him at my LGS and he fondled ...

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Thread: Baby Brother Asked For Some Advice Today

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    Baby Brother Asked For Some Advice Today

    My baby brother called me today and asked if I would help him buy a gun. I met him at my LGS and he fondled everything in the store. He seemed to like the
    SA XD9 SC, looked at a new one for $509, but wound up getting a used one which came with Trijicon Night Sights and and three mags. He got 50 rounds of target ammo and asked when we could go shoot. I told him I wasn't doing anything later today and we went to the range after dinner. He shot his 50 rounds, ran out and got another box and shot another 50. He did real good for his first time shooting, all shots were within the target, was shooting at about a 12" circle target at 7 & 15 yards. On the way out of the range he purchased another 100 rounds and asked when can we go again? We're going again either Monday or Tuesday. He then stated he wanted to get his cc as soon as he is comfortable with the gun. He also got advised of the "RULES", all in all, a very good day!
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    good gun choice, and I think he's hooked. Pat him on the back and buy him a good steak dinner for all of us. Teach him well and get him into a shooting class if you can.
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    The family that shoots together, stays together...sounds like a great day.
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    Sounds like he had a ball, and he is hooked. Good choice on the gun, and sounds like he got a good deal on it. Surprised he didn't want to turn around and go back in the range after buying the two more boxes on the way out !
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    Kinda suprises me that you are a retired Trooper, and he has never been into firearms.

    Good that he's cookin with oil now though.

    I think he's the one who owes YOU the steak dinner!!

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    Awesome day!!!! He's fortunate to hae an older brother to introduce him to it the right way...and you're both fortunate to have something great to do together. Fun and productive. It doesn't get much better than that!!!
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    Sounds like a good day. What took you so long?
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    Sounds like a great day. Wish I could get my relatives into shooting. Funny, I never shot a gun until I got married. Her family were country folk and you had to shoot to be part of the family. Wr since divorced but I'm still into shooting

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    Congrats your brother for me. And ditto on the training class, its worth its weight in gold.
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