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Thread: Donald Reeser "Father of the Year"....

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    Donald Reeser "Father of the Year"....

    Some of you have seen my threads about my niece being murdered. Here is a highlight from the trial....

    Just found out that the guy who killed my niece had been talking to his 5 year old son on the phone from jail. He talked to him the night before he was to testify against him, he was instructing him how to testify in his defense. His grandmother found out and told the procecuters. His defense lawyers were trying to make it out that his son killed Allie by playing too rough. Ooop's did you know the phone calls were recorded from jail? If he hadn't done that he would have had a good chance to walk. Can you imagine using your own kid to get you out of something you did.

    He received 38 years to life for her murder and will probably have to serve another 5 years for violating his parole from another case. He is 31 or 32 now.
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    @ Wits' End

    I hope that this provides some measure of peace for you and your family. While the ******** should not be allowed to live, hopefully he will never be able to harm another child. May God bless you all!
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    When I read your OP on this a couple of years ago, I was appalled, but not shocked, as to what goes on in todays society.
    He is a piece of work for sure.
    I wish people would scrutinize their prospective mate better, for juist this reason.
    He was trouble before your family was unfortunately introduced to him.
    Good luck with all family members affected by this unfortunate tragedy, and hopefully time will heal all .Thank God he will be locked up for good.
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    ccroom, I hope this is helps ease the pain a little but in reality, I know it never can.

    Keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers.
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    Finally, an end to this sad chapter. I have been following from the beginning. I don't post much, 700 or so in 7 years, but my thoughts are with you.

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    well good news to hear he got convicted and sentenced....although he doesn't deserve to be breathing any longer
    I actually just found the original story today (wish I had seen it sooner)

    link to original
    My niece was murdered yesterday...
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    Just because somebody is convicted and gets a long sentence If it has to do with a theft,or aggravated Battery,or Armed Robbery,you can usually heal physically and emotionally,but when a murder is involved you may find some closure,but the person is missed at every family get together etc. There will always be a void,I pray that he upsets somebody in GP that makes his life behind the walls very short,or very scary
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroom View Post
    Here is a highlight from the trial...
    In this emotionally heavy situation, I hope that some part of the resolution offered you & yours a lift.

    Prayers & thoughts...
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    Glad to hear about the sentence. I hope the judge makes the sentences consecutive instead of concurrent. While it will never fill the void it is good to know that justice does get done occassionally. Once he is in his new residence his "roommates" may take special care of him. As I understand it most inmates have quite a hatred of anyone who would harm a child. I have a feeling he may not finish his sentence in one piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 64zebra View Post
    well good news to hear he got convicted and sentenced....although he doesn't deserve to be breathing any longer
    People who do harm to children seldom have a good life in jail. I'm sure he'll be someone's girlfriend soon enough.

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    Glad he was convicted and what awaits the piece of garbage while he's in GP. Prayers are with you and your family.
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