Thanks for all the input. It wouldn't be for a while, chances are I'd have another little one or one on the way by then. I do like Va a good bit, I live in a small town. My house right now is actually in front of a 2/3 acre stocked fishing pond and trees galore lol. My family lives old Old Dixie Highway in Bunell Fl, off of a C.R. (county road) and I really like the feel and way its setup.

jwhite75-I've often thought about how I'd like it in GA, AL or SC. My wife isn't too crazy over the idea unfortunately. She likes FL alot. To be honest, I don't like where my brother lives in NC. I'm glad he is happy there.

I do have concerns about losing that "southern mentality". While FL is geographically south, I'm not sure if the culture/lifestyle is? Seems to be where my family lives at.

I appreciate the input, just trying to set my mind at ease so I'm not obsessing all the time over us moving or not , lol.

One thing I do like about where we live now, is there is a good lack of "extreme weather", with the exception of sheer HEAT. Its not unusual to see triple digits through the summer time here (or dang close to it, with really high humidity.).

I enjoy winter, but I'm not a huge "winter" buff, I can't snowboard/ski, and neither can my wife (injuries/health) and as a car guy it'd be great to have "cruising weather" year 'round

Wife suggested Velusia(sp?)/Bunell/etc county? Shes been around the state and seen more than I have.

I need to go see how it feels in the summer time compared to here. I've only been in April, and October. (Both times we stayed ocean front.) Before I actually "made the move" we would probable spend a couple visits there, checking out schools, local towns, houses, etc.