I need everyone's prayers for my mom

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Thread: I need everyone's prayers for my mom

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    I need everyone's prayers for my mom

    Yesterday they rushed my mom to the hospital. I knew it had to be serious when I got the call that she had went, because my mom hasn't been to the hospital or seen a doctor since 1979.

    I was right, sometime during the past week she had a heart attack and didn't know it. Now my mom is a woman who is always puts everyone else first and herself last. We got there just as the ambulance did and the first thing she said was, she asked me if I was alright.

    They did a heart cath on her. They couldn't go in through the right groin because it was completely blocked, so they had to go in through the left groin. When they called us in to the cath lab to give us the results, I was not ready for the news they gave me.

    She has an aortic anurism (excuse my spelling), and she has blockages all over the place, I would say no less than 7. They are all 90% to 100% blockages. They said that there really is not option other than a bypass, which she may not survive. Her heart is working at about 50% and only a portion of it is pumping. Her lungs are also weak. She has smoked for 30 years and just a week ago quit.

    They said she also has COPD and Diabetes and that her blood sugar was over 200. As I said, my mother has not been to a doctor since 1979. She kinda figured she had Diabetes, but wasn't for sure.

    They let her rest last night and are trying to get her blood sugar down, etc. and the heart doctor is supposed to be in this morning.

    Tkruf and I are headed back down to the hospital in just a few minutes.

    Please put my mother, Linda Faye Gentry on your prayer list.

    Thank you all for being here.


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    Will do. I'll pray for you and your family. God bless and hang in there for her.

    All the best,

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    Prayers sent for your mother and your family.
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    Prayers Sent

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    Heartfelt prayers sent for Linda Faye Gentry , and her family.

    Hope she pulls through, and has a renewed sense of life and wanting to be around for her family a bit longer.
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    Victoria, prayers sent from my family to yours.
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    In my thoughts.
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    Dear Lord,
    Please keep Victoria and Linda under special care, give Victory peace in knowing that You are in control, give Linda peace and comfort her in knowing that she is in good hands, both Yours and the Dr.s. Give the doctors, nurses and techs clear minds and pure thoughts in Linda's care.
    Thank You Lord, Amen.
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    I'm personally not much of a prayer person but, I've just asked my M-In-Law to put Linda Faye Gentry on her prayer list.

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    Added to my DC list...
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    Prayers sent for both Mom and family!
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    Prayers sent for her and the family....

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    Prayers sent to Mom and all family and friends.
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    Please put my mother, Linda Faye Gentry on your prayer list.
    Will be adding my hopes and prayers to yours. It's surely a hard time for you. May God bless your mother and may God bless you and your family.

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    Pinklady, you and your mother are in our prayers.
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