PinkLady's Mother Update

PinkLady's Mother Update

This is a discussion on PinkLady's Mother Update within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Thursday morning 2:31 am. (Eastern Time) I just got home from Johnson City. PinkLady is still there staying the night with her mother at the ...

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Thread: PinkLady's Mother Update

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    PinkLady's Mother Update

    Thursday morning 2:31 am. (Eastern Time)

    I just got home from Johnson City. PinkLady is still there staying the night with her mother at the hospital.

    They didn't send her home Wed evening because they said she most likely would not make it under just normal circumstances. They want to get Hospice involved and have them transport her home. She would be most likely to survive the trip that way and they would have the means to get her into the house as well once arriving home.

    They wouldn't do it Wed evening because of finding an agency to do it since she didn't have insurance or a primary care physician. They are keeping her overnight into Thursday and on Thursday morning they will re-evaluate her and get Hospice to bring her home sometime during the day Thursday.

    When I left the hospital almost 2 hours ago, she was stable. Her pulse was running 88 - 93 or so. Her blood pressure was about 94 over 65 and respiration was 15 (pretty low) but it has been lower than that before.

    They gave her some morphein around 8:45pm Wed for some of the pain and it helped her breathing some. Brought her BP up to 104 over 72.

    Her lungs are slowly filling up with fluid and they can't give her any fluid medication for that because it lowers her BP. So it's just a matter of time. They will fill up until she can no longer breathe. :(

    So keep the prayers coming for her that she is at least able to make the trip home so that she can be at home with her family at the end, or shall I say, "The Beginning" God love her, she has a heart of gold. She has been a trooper through all of this, and is an example by which we all could learn a few things.

    Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for Pinklady and her Mother, we really do appreciate it.

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    My prayers are with all three of you....

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    Very sad situation. I can imagine how all of you - especially pinklady – feel. Please tell pinklady that she and her mother have our thoughts and prayers.
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    I extend my deepest sympathy and prayers during this difficult period.

    Sincerely, Dan
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    It sounds like you are taking good care of Pink Lady throughout this experience.

    As hard as it was for me, seeing the natural course of a long life is a treasure in a sense. Of course this is hindsight after the fact. It gave me a completely different perspective for birth, life, death and new beginnings (I liked that phrase, thanks). Rarely does a day go by when something from the years-ago hospice experience does not pop into my mind as a guiding light for one reason or another.


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    I'm praying this morning.
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    Prayers sent.

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    Prayers sent. Hospice is a God Send, they made my father very comfortable although he went into Hospice on Thursday night and died Friday morning. Your belief system is correct to my thinking, she will be going to a better place, and you will see her again, down the road. God Bless!
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    Hospice is a great organization...PL's mom is still on my list...hang in there, I know, personally, that it is very difficult.
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    We come into this world surrounded by people we love and hopefully in the end we go out the same way,minus the whack on the butt
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