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This is a discussion on Internet Buddys within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; There are people that we meet online and may never meet face to face,but they help us and sometimes change us for the better,This forum ...

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Thread: Internet Buddys

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    There are people that we meet online and may never meet face to face,but they help us and sometimes change us for the better,This forum has grown a lot since I first found it and you can tell it's like a big family when somebody doesn't post for awhile people start noticeing and asking about them.
    HotGuns you helped him achieve his goal by giving him the courage and strength to pursue his dreams,May he rest in peace and God look after his family near and distant.
    I also wish that the POS that robbed him of his life and his wife and kids a Husband and Father be convicted and put to death at the earliest possible moment
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    Good post. It's tough to lose friends like that.

    I recently lost a good friend that I bought/sold Ham equipment and guns with. I emailed him and tried calling him - left a message on his cell phone. But no return replies. Found out from another friend that Chris had passed away. That really hit me hard so I know what you are going through. Its tough but this too will pass.

    Rest in Peace friends.

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    Well, I stumbled upon this info about officer Warren's death a few days ago during web searches on 9mm self defense ammo. I saw some posts on another forum about it and was moved to post here then I found this thread...
    Yes, it is quite amazing how one develops friendships over the internet based on shared interests. All I can say at this point that may the Lord be gracious and provide comfort in the hour of need for the family and friends of officer Warren.

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    Sorry for the Loss Hotguns. I understand exactly what you are going thru
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    Hotguns, I saw this story the day it broke in the press on (just getting around to some of the sections on here)
    horrible, horrible incident, was shot in the head as he was going up the stairs to help someone in distress
    that POS had no right to do what he did and I hope he gets put to death asap
    the world lost a good man

    You are so right, we have so many people on this forum that I would like to meet, would most likely spend time with, and discover they are good folks.
    I wish we had more opportunities to meet members in person.
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    Thanks to 64zebra's bump, I just saw this thread.

    My condolences for you loss, Hotguns.

    As a child of the 80s, growing up with the 'Web coming into prominence in the early 90s, I really do understand the closeness of friendships that can be formed via this medium.

    As with many here, I've also had the good fortune to meet many of my "e-friends" in-person and shake their hands.

    It's truly amazing how the Internet has allowed us to find others with like-minds, from all over the planet.

    Again, my sincere condolences. May your friend rest in peace.

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    Ouch. Sincerely sorry to read about this event and for your loss.
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    "Hotguns" I'm sorry sir. I just came across this thread. My prayers are for you and Officer Warren's family.
    I know what you mean, there are just some people that you "connect" with, whether online or in person.
    I have only been around this forum a few months, but the feeling here is of family. There are certain people that you can tell by their posts, the kind of person they are, real quality individuals. If we're lucky, once in a while one will touch your heart. It sounds to me like you were lucky.
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    My condolences sir. May the Lord be with all the family & friends.

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