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Have you hugged your pets today.

This is a discussion on Have you hugged your pets today. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am sorry to hear about Sylvester. My wife had to take our almost 18 year old cat to the vet Friday, and the vet ...

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Thread: Have you hugged your pets today.

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    I am sorry to hear about Sylvester. My wife had to take our almost 18 year old cat to the vet Friday, and the vet said there was nothing he could do. My 7 year old was devastated, but Linus the cat had a great life. He was so good with my son, even though he was already around 10 when my son was born. Believe me, I feel your pain.
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    I do understand you loss, it is not an easy thing to deal with...hang in there!
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    I am so sorry for your loss.

    In my lifetime I have been down that road more times then I care to remember.

    The death of a friend and companion is a part of life that none of us ever get use to.

    Everytime I hear of anothers loss it brings back so many great memories.

    I have to stop typing now, I have something in my eyes.

    God Bless.......

    We hug everyday......
    Have you hugged your pets today.-photo.jpg
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    Like all of the above, We feel the sorrow that you have right now...

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    When I wake up, my cat is usually 1/2 way across my chest with his face in mine, like... " I thought it was time you got up", or "the alarm keeps going off and you aren't getting up".

    Hate to see someone lose a friend like that. Mine is getting fairly old so I"m wondering when I'll have one of those days.
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    Just remember that when you took him in, you made his whole life better, he repaid you in kind as best as he could. You both benefited from your arrangement, be happy that you had the time you had together. He could not have done any better anywhere else on the planet!
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    Been there and done that more times than I care to remember with both dogs and cats. Try to remember the good times when you can. Sorry for your loss.

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    My condolences for the loss of your beloved little friend.

    I did indeed hug my 14-year old black Lab today. He is dying of cancer and it's breaking my heart. He's been the best buddy I ever had.


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    We share in the sympathies, truely sorry for your loss. Pets are a wonderful blessing!
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    My most sincere condolences to you and your wife; I know the feeling very well. I'm hanging out with my two (old) Dachshunds, watching tv in bed; they got an extra "cookie" tonight.
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    I know the pain all too well. Give yourself a little time and then seek out a kitten to rescue and raise. He won't replace Sylvester but he will create a place in your heart all his own. That's what we did when we lost our beloved Tommy 2 years ago. Our new cat, Smokey, is nearly 2 years old now and he gets hugged and petted daily as does our dog Moe. Pets are family. I know your pain and I'm sorry for your loss. It's never easy.

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    So sorry for you loss. It does hurt. Hugging the animals around here (4 cats and 1 dog) makes even the worst days bearable.
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    I'm sorry to hear about Sylvester. My wife and I have 7 and each one is considered our baby. A few years ago we had 2 kittens that we had to put down because of FIP. They were with us for a short time but even now hardly a day goes by that we don't think of them. They ask for so little and give so much more in return. When the time is right another will be there to share the love you once gave to Sylvester.

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    I am sorry to hear about Sylvester. Last Wednesday my son and I had to take our about 16 year cat, Rosie in to see the vet. She had been off her food for two weeks and it had gotten to the point where we were pureeing tuna fish and feeding her with an eyedropper. My son went to feed her Wednesday and found her looking bad. Her eyes and skin had turned yellow. Turned out to be liver failure and while our vet said her could hospitalize her to see if he could keep her alive, it really boiled down to a quality of life decision. It was a hard decision as Rosie had been my son's first pet since he was two years old. The vet was great and explained the euthanasia process and our other options, then left us alone to talk. Michael made the decision because he knew that Rosie would be terrified at the hospital and decided that we should be with her when she passed. It was tough, but the process involved a sedative and she calmed down and began licking Michael - the last thing she would do before her heart stopped. Rosie is buried in our backyard under an Oak tree that she used to eyeball from the house watching squirrels in the tree. We are going to miss that stray cat that adopted us 16 years ago, but we'll always have great memories of her.

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    Sorry to hear about your cat. I have two of them. my oldest is 14 years old and she was a stray kitten that showed up at our door like a gift from God. she has claws but has never scratched anyone, or the furniture, she is the most gentle and loving friend. my wife leaves work work early in the morning so my cat usually comes into the bed to lay next to me until my alarm goes off. so i'm greeted by a meow every morning. i worry about her age. i give her a hug evey time i come home or go to bed. i will be very upset the day she goes to cat heaven. so i try to make sure i give her as much love as i can while she is still around. our 7 year old cat is actually kind of annoying, but i love her too. and my daughter has a hamster which on more than one occasion has escaped and i'm woken up at night with a rodent crawling across the bed.

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