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My Mom Passed Away last week - Suicide

This is a discussion on My Mom Passed Away last week - Suicide within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; 10thmtn , It is sad to hear that people get to a point in their life where that seems like a viable option. I wish ...

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Thread: My Mom Passed Away last week - Suicide

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    It is sad to hear that people get to a point in their life where that seems like a viable option. I wish humans weren't that way. I hope you manage to sort your emotions and start to feel better.
    Suicide seems to run in my family. On my dads side my grandfather shot himself in the head with a .22 when he was getting ready to go on vacation going down to get the luggage out of the storage locker. About 9 years later one of his 5 sons (my uncle Mark) killed himself also. He was so intelligent, I can remember so many facts and things he knew. It is sad and in my opinion I don't think there is not a big enough percentage of people that can be talked out of it because the ones who are serious about it don't usually tell you, no notes or anything. Anyway, sorry to hear that terrible news.

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    Im sorry for your loss. Suicide seems to be the way most people are considering going over spring break I had to goto dallas to visit my cousins funeral at 24yrs old. The person I grew up with for the first 13 yrs of my life was my cousin and he was my brother in the long run. You'll be in my prayers man.
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    So sorry for your loss. It is always a great loss when someone decides to take their own life. You and your family will be in our prayers. For the various emotions you are feeling now please consider professional assistance. Even one or two sessions may ease things abit. No one will think any less of you. In fact it takes quite a person to admit they are in need of help and to seek that help.

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    10th, I'm very sorry for your loss of your Mom. It's hard when a determined parent makes a decision that is out of your hands. My wife's mother passed away after she stopped the care that kept her alive. We could understand intellectually, but we couldn't know how it felt for her each day. Sending prayers that time brings you peace, and that your Mom has found peace for herself.

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    Man I so sorry for your loss it must be hard to loss a parent.

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    "10thmtn" I'm so sorry man. My prayers are with you and your family.
    My first wife took her own life in April of 2010. We had been divorced more than 20 years,
    but it really hit my two daughters hard. They still struggle with "trying to make sense of it".
    She had abandonded them when they were very young, and I raised them. She came back into their lives after they were grown.
    I'm afraid I can't offer a whole lot of wisdom, but if you'd like to PM me, perhaps my oldest daughter and you could exchange some emails.
    She might be able to help you deal with what you're going through.
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    Sorry for your loss. She is in a better place now and may she rest in peace. I too have had to deal with mental illness in my family also with my mom. Not something that is easy to deal with. It is never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one especially if it is on of your parents. I have lost both of mine and miss them dearly. Our prayers go out to you and your family.


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    I'm very sorry for your loss. You and your loved ones will be in our thoughts. May your mother rest in peace.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. Sounds like you have a game plan to work through it!

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    Really sorry for your loss. Might I suggest that a good counselor would be beneficial to you and your family to help sort through all of those emotions you're going through?
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    I'm fortunate to have a large extended family to help through this process, and my pastor and associate pastor both reached out to me. My military training helps, too. What really helps is my kids - sometimes you take care of them, and sometimes they take care of you, even if they don't know it.
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    I cannot begin to articulate how sorry I am to logon to DC this morning and read of your loss. You have my deepest condolences my friend.

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    You are in my thoughts and sorry for your loss.
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    My condolences, Finding peace in your kids is a good thing. Prayers sent..
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    The fact that you would even post this news here is a testament to the family community many of us feel here. You have a great many friends here 10thMtn and you must know how deeply sorrowful we all are for your loss.

    I hope you can grow to accept her life as she chose to live it. Mental illness is a hard thing for any family to deal with. And when you live far away from the loved one, it's easy to become overwhelmed with feelings of both, guilt and anger.

    Your friends are pulling for you. You and your family have been added to my prayer list. Take solace in the fact that whatever demons your mother was dealing with, she is finally at rest, and free of her torment.

    I think it's a great showing of love and compassion on your part that you are willing to take her back to Italy to be buried next to her father. You are a good man, Sir. And you are among friends here.

    Again, very sorry for your loss. You have my deepest condolences.
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