Our 'packs' matriarch passed this morning

Our 'packs' matriarch passed this morning

This is a discussion on Our 'packs' matriarch passed this morning within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; For the last twelve years Ms. Shasta has looked after, grown up with the kids, annoyed, stood the home watch through so many of my ...

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Thread: Our 'packs' matriarch passed this morning

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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!

    Our 'packs' matriarch passed this morning

    Our 'packs' matriarch passed this morning-momspics014.jpg

    For the last twelve years Ms. Shasta has looked after, grown up with the kids, annoyed, stood the home watch through so many of my deployments, layed down atop the children homework letting them know they weren't giving her the attention she thought she needed, alerted us to possible trouble from BG's attempting access to letting us know the neighbor's cat was leaving kitty-prints on my truck, dropped a pawful of dimes every time one of her pack wasn't where they were supposed be or misbehaving, begged like a champion when gumbo or chicken 'n dumplings were on the stove, and left sloober-drool all down the passenger side of my pick-up during her car rides she loved so much........

    She was a great dog.

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    I'm very sorry for your loss, GSB. I know it's tougher when your kids are grieving too. You and your family will be in my prayers.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I have been through something like that myself and I know it is very hard.
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    My deepest condolences. Dogs are the best...

    They're famliy.

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    Just remember that Ms. Shasta could not have had a better life anywhere else. Tell your kids that, and that Ms. Shasta knew it also. They give you nothing but love, and it really hurts when they pass. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!
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    I'm very sorry for your loss.
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    She was a great looking dog! I'm sure you will miss her. I hope wherever her spirit may be she is at peace!
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    May her eternity be filled with chasing squirels, long, open windowed car rides, and long naps in bright sunshine.
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    Unconditional Love.... You have my condolences...Man has no better friend
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    Sorry for your loss..
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    After having a pet for a long time you build an emotional bond like nothing else,and when their time comes it leaves a big empty void,coming home and expecting to see them at the door,but they aren't there to greet you is the worst.They are never truly gone as long as we remember them
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    Aww I'm sorry man. I hope your heart is healed quickly and her memory never fades. She will always be with you.
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    So sorry. Tough to lose one.
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    Lost my 4-legged best-buddy recently, so I share your pain. Not an easy thing to deal with, but I'll betcha she had a great life. Good luck with your recovery.

    Seems like most members here are devout canine lovers, which is one of the reasons I love this forum. It definitely helps to know that so many can relate to the situation.......

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    So sorry for your loss.
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