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Accident-I was really lucky today

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Thread: Accident-I was really lucky today

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    Good move - glad it will turn out okay. Sometimes it just happens - but you knew just what to do.
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    Glad you're alright.

    OTOH, you could have had a sweet eye patch, and there would no longer be any question about what eye was dominant.

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    Now that your eye is feeling a wee bit better after the passage of some time, I'm glad you knew exactly what to do! Good job! Glad all is well.

    Darned eyes have a lot of nerve endings and are the most sensitive part of the body - but they heal fast too.
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    Thank Goodness you are ok. Commend you on your level-headed attitude that probably saved your eyes. No matter what happens, always keep calm, don't freak but be sure of yourself. It has saved many people from the old gunfighter days, modern soldiers, fire-fighters and people that had enough sense not to swat at bees, but remained calm and worked through the problem. A good lesson to us all...May God Bless You.

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    Well done, ppk. Excellent response to an unexpected and dangerous situation. I'm glad to hear that there won't be any permanent damage. Hope the eye heals quickly. Stay safe.

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    You are lucky you had water close by,I had some dust got in my eye that was next to some huge acid tanks,Felt like somebody torched my eyeball,hit the eyewash station for 15 minutes,then another foreman drove me to the emergency room,they hooked up a water bottle to a cup that fits over your eye to irrigate it,I called it an eyenema and I thought the nurse was gonna pee herself from laughing.
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    Glad your doing better and I wish you a complete and speedy recovery
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    When I initially went in the nurse asked me was I allergic to anything and I said, "Yes......draincleaner". She got a big laugh over that.

    So now it has been nearly 48 hours. My first two hours back home were somewhat painful and persistent. I've only had one pain pill in my life and I believe I would have taken another one then? I didn't have any, but went the Tylenol and ice pack route which helped a lot.

    I've taken it easy lately, the sun makes me squint and bothers it so I've been laying low. Now after nearly 48 hours, not much discomfort, some scratchy feelings remain, my eye still sheds some tears regularly and my sclera is sort of bloodshot looking. I noticed yesterday I've got about 6 different chemical burns on my face from that stuff splattering.

    I'm still doing the Rx drops and lube, and hoping that I won't have any chronic eye problems. The chemical burns on my face are minor and will probably heal, if not they'll just add some "character".

    Thanks everyone for your concerns and advice. I'm hanging in there.
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    My dad had something similar happen a few years ago but it was gasoline. The good part, though, was that he had recently gotten an infection in his eye. He was getting ready to go to the doctor about it. But the gasoline killed the infection. He still went to the doctor and got pretty much the same treatment as mentioned here.
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    Wow glad you will be Ok .

    You did the best thing flushing it out right away.

    Over 30 years in auto trade seen alot of eye injury.

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    You are a great example for keeping cool under fire. Prayers sent to see your eyes whole.
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    Good quick thinking. Glad you are on the mend.
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    You most likely had caustic soda or a derivitive of it.

    I deliver this, as well as sulphuric acid, Phosphoric acid, Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and Hydrofluosilicic acid.

    The caustic causes the skin membrane/tissues to melt together, into sort of a gel like substance, which begins to feel soapy in nature.
    You did all the right steps. Glad you had the water close by.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    Glad you are ok! During a riot in Newark, DE back in the 70's I had a bottle of acid thrown at me, it struck a tree and hit my face and eyes. College kids in a Dorm started passing water out to flush my eyes and did so until the ambulance arrived. It melted my contact lenses. I received about the same treatment you did, and all worked out ok. I can't wear contacts anymore as I can't stand anything in my eye anymore.

    Be careful, you only have one set of eyes.
    When I was working we were prohibited from wearing contact lenses. Regular glasses give some eye protection and nothing has to be fished out in an emergency.
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