After a year maybe a job.

After a year maybe a job.

This is a discussion on After a year maybe a job. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Last year in December my contract with Americorp ended and I needed a new job. I have been searching all over, heck almost got in ...

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Thread: After a year maybe a job.

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    After a year maybe a job.

    Last year in December my contract with Americorp ended and I needed a new job. I have been searching all over, heck almost got in to Border Patrol till a paper work snafu killed that one. Got a delivery "job" , that one turned out to be a scam... Then made it to the second interview for a correctional job, was between me and one other guy...wasn't picked.

    Now Dominos delivery, starting out as a driver but they are going to train me to be an assistant manager, and the owner is cool with me carrying so long as it stays concealed. Franchise contract rules. Now just cross those fingers this weekend I might just join the work force again.

    So to others that are in the same boat keep going it will happen, it may not be your dream job but its the first step to your dreams.
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    Never give up. I have far more respect for those who never quit trying.
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    Fingers crossed for you. Hope you get the job.
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    Good luck with the job. I was laid off for a year from 2009 to 2010, and it was miserable, so I feel your pain.

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    Fingers and a prayer,Good luck

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    Good luck, been blessed in my career, to not have a layoff since high school in 79, but is a sacfifice for me and family, i am gone for 30 days, then home for 30 ... kinda like 6 months a year vacation is one way to look at it..... takes a good independent woman at home, which i have been blessed with also....keepin my fingers crossed for you n yours.....
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    Good luck. Its tough out there. I used to do real estate law before the bubble burst. Now I am doing another type of law. Its okay but not as rewarding.

    For those that may be! I do not do personnel injury law (and I hope I never have to)

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    Been there.....2007 to 2010 (unemployed with temp jobs to supplement). Almost lost everything. In a great job now....just starting to catch up on past bills. Long way to go. Was the most stressful 3 years of my life.

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    Its okay but not as rewarding.

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