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I met a hero today.

This is a discussion on I met a hero today. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I know...my 89 year old father in law has some incredible stories of his time in the Army in WWII (Guam, Midway, Phlipines). Soon there ...

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Thread: I met a hero today.

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    I know...my 89 year old father in law has some incredible stories of his time in the Army in WWII (Guam, Midway, Phlipines). Soon there will be no more WWII vets to tell the story.

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    My father who passed in 1973 was a WWII vet and still carried shrapnel in his feet and legs. He would rarely talk about of his experiences and regrettably his records were lost in the fire at the archives back in the 19780s. I have tried to research his military service and deeply regret I did not learn more prior to his passing.
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    They are a National Treasure that we are losing at the rate of a 1000 a day.My special vet was my uncle was my special solider.The only time he would talk about it was when he was bending a Bourbon and water.One story I really enjoyed alot
    was the time his army group captured a winery how they empty gas jerry cans,helmets anything they could put wine ,brandy
    in.By the time any officers got down there to see what was the hold up they found them all drunk and had to find some mps
    to guard the winery.Stuff like this puts a real face on war it's shows how humans cope and blow off steam when they find stuff.You have to remember the officer had warned the soldier's prior to finding the winery that the Nazis probably had poison all the booze so don't drink it!

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    When i was a kid we used to move and re-arrange the pink flamingos in a guys yard. later on i learned he was a survivor of the Battan death march. We stopped messing with him and put out the word other kids better steer clear too. Fast forward, i bought a house from an estate just over a year ago. I had met the guy once or twice before he passed on. It turns out he was also a survivor of Battan death march. A mutual friend had convinced him to write his memoirs, beginning with his shipping out to China in 1934, his personal experiences during the japanese invasion of Nanking, and ending when the Japs captured him in the Phillipines. Quite interesting to know that the Jap soldiers would let him and his shipmates through the lines to go drinking in Nanking, before we were seen as the enemy. He didn't write of his POW experiences before he passed on. I am glad my friend Julie convinced him to write, and am attempting to contact his family for permission to send the memoir on to others for preservation and distribution.
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    Not to hijack your thread, but I have a similar story.

    I was out to dinner last fall and was in line at the grill (the restaurant was Hu Hot for those who know what that is) waiting for my food when the guy next to me mentioned this was the closest thing he could find to actual Japanese food. We got to talking and it turns out he was a 20-year retired Marine and a veteran of Vietnam. A little later after I had sat down my waiter came back and I told him to buy that gentleman a drink of whatever he wanted and tell him thank you. I was shocked when that Marine came up to my table on the verge of tears and thanking me for such a touching gesture. It was amazing what such a small gesture made such a big impact.
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