I met a hero today.

I met a hero today.

This is a discussion on I met a hero today. within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; While at lunch today at a local hamburger joint I saw an elderly man pull up out front. He had trouble getting out of his ...

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Thread: I met a hero today.

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    I met a hero today.

    While at lunch today at a local hamburger joint I saw an elderly man pull up out front. He had trouble getting out of his car due to his advanced age and the fact he was using a cane. I noticed he had on a shirt that proudly said USMC. Then I noticed the IWO JIMA SURVIVOR license plate on the front of his car. After he had sat and ordered his meal, I went over and introduced myself as a 20 year retired USN veteran and we started to talk. He asked what years I served and I said 1973 to 1993. He said his service was "ancient history". I told him it was a few years ago but would never be forgotten. Friends, I wish you could have been there to listen to this man tell his story for the next hour. I was hanging on his every word! I asked if I could have the honor of shaking his hand and he humbly agreed. I paid for his meal, thanked him for the service he gave this great country and left. I'm 56 years old and I left feeling like a school kid. God Bless that man and God Bless all our troops past, present and future!
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    Nice story, we are losing them at an alarming rate these days!
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    Great story. Glad you got to meet him and thanks for treating him like the hero he is. Thank you for your service as well. My family and I sincerely appreciate it.

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    If we forget the past,we are doomed to repeat it.To be honest I kinda liked the past,the manners,the respect,Family Unity,honesty,integrity,I could go on and on.Were losing a generation of people that I admire and that will soon be gone,just like the WW1 vets
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    Amen. And, their stories need to be remembered and retold to our kids and grandkids.
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    Somebody needs to get this guy on an honor flight to visit the WWII Memorial in DC if he hasn't been already. This great man doesn't have much time left.

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    What a great story! Too bad this current generation will soon forget the sacrifice of our WW II vets.

    Not to hijack the thread but to add to the Veterans stories. Back in the late 70's while working at a local grocery store, I met a man who was an officer and photographer in the USMC. He was with them when they hit Iwo Jima and told me about the time he nearly got that famous photo of the Marines raising the flag.

    He was just below the summit of Suribachi and saw the guys doing the original flag raising. I had no idea about the original one, and he explained how it happend. He also lamented that his camera was out of film and the other photographer got to take it and that is the one we see.

    He knew all the Marines in that group who took the initiave to put the American flag up so that all could see.

    I hope these soldiers are never forgotten, but it seems that it is happening at an alarming rate.
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    My grandfather enlisted in the Army when he was 18. The local recruiting office DQ'd him because he was too "skinny" so he went home and ate a bunch of banana's too try and make weight. He went back the next day and was accepted. He died 4yrs ago and took shrapnal that he recieved on Normandy with him. The bullet that went through his forearm/wrist was never recovered.

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    Seems to me that the real heroes are almost always humble and don't think what they did was anything extraordinary. God bless him and all Veterans - combat or otherwise.
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    Thanks for sharing that. You are so right. We are losing them very rapidly. God Bless them all for their service and sacrifices.
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    These men are the real treasures, they went through things younger generations of soldiers could only imagine. I once dated a girl that worked at the VA and one of the best times I had home on leave was eating dinner with some of the old veterans that were there. They are the people that made this country what it is today, and are an example of patriotism.
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    My great grandfather was a Navy vet from WWII, but he passed when I was 3 or 4 so I never got to talk to him about any of it.
    My wife's grandfather who passed late last year was a WWII vet, and I honestly can't remember right now which branch he was- I'm thinking Navy though. Unfortunately, by the time I met him and got to know him fairly well, his Alzheimers, and Dimentia had set in so badly that he didn't remember much of anything other than his family- and quite often couldn't tell them apart.

    Those men and women were one hell of a group of people. I wish we could get more like them- this country really needs it right now.
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    Great story, thanks for sharing..
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divebum47 View Post
    Seems to me that the real heroes are almost always humble and don't think what they did was anything extraordinary. God bless him and all Veterans - combat or otherwise.


    Kinda reminds me of the Ted Gundy story.

    All these guys leave a lump in your throat, and a heart swelling with pride!!!!!
    Great story. Thanks
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