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To Kill The One You Love

This is a discussion on To Kill The One You Love within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Sounds like you did right by him. You honored him and his memory. Been there but have not had to personally had to do this....

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Thread: To Kill The One You Love

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    Sounds like you did right by him. You honored him and his memory. Been there but have not had to personally had to do this.
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    I do understand...
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    May God rest his hand on your shoulder and bring you peace.
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    I'm glad his last moments were with a friend in his yard and not strangers in a place that scared him. You did right by him, and that is what matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglebeak View Post
    I sincerely appreciate everyone's kind thoughts. I had already pre-dug Frisco's grave because I knew his time was coming soon. I live out in the country, the nearest vet is 25 miles away, charges $200 for weekday "house calls", isn't open on weekends, and charges $400 for weekend or after hour emergency house calls. Frisco wasn't afraid of anyone or anything except for the vet and needles; and since it was Saturday morning and I didn't want his last moments of life to be filled with fear, I did the toughest thing I've ever had to do. I find it very strange, if not very unsettling, that I've been able to drop the hammer on many people in the past without this much remorse. Perhaps it was because the people were the enemy or a BG up to no good instead of someone who loved and trusted me unconditionally. Healing will not come easy - if ever. Thanks again my friends.
    Healing never totally happened for me. I had to do this thing once. There were no other options at the time. Many years have passed since that time but I still tear up thinking about it. It's good that you could man up to the task and I'm sorry for your pain and loss.

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    I feel your pain,not quite 2 years ago my Chocolate lab "Lucky" who was my loyal hunting companion and later on bedside companion after I broke my neck until I was able to get around,had to be put sdown when she also could not get up after falling down,I knew that the time had come,and I don't think I ever cried more over the loss of anyone except my father.I don't think any dog will ever fill that spot in my heart like she did.
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    Very sorry for the loss of your best friend

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    Buddy, I share your pain. We've lost two equally important members of our family over the last couple of years.

    May you find some solace in the following.......................

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    I've had to to that as well. While you hated what you had to do, and knew how bad it would hurt you, you did it for your friend. A terrible loss for you. My sympathies.

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    Tears came to my eyes as I read your original post. I can't know what pain you feel but I can certainly imagine. I'm praying that the pain will subside over time and the good memories can overwhelm this event. I hate the thought of the day that we'll lose any of our dogs, but it will happen. It is a part of the life cycle. But knowing that doesn't make it any less painful when you love and are loved back. I wish the best for you and that you will know that you did the right thing.
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    It is ironic that I now have read your heart-wrenching post, because I too have a probably 15 year old female mixed breed dog who loves me unconditionally. We really do not know how old she really is. I know that the "inevitible" is growing closer and I have been praying to God that she just "goes" and we do not have to go through the agony of a pet who needs to be put to sleep, or God forbid, take them out and put them out of their misery the way you had to.

    I nearly burst into tears when I read it, but you mustered the courage to do what had to be done, you definitely are more man than anyone knows. The spirit of your pet will be there on the other side when it is your turn to leave this world, I just know it.

    That is the only word of comfort I can find even though I do not know you personally. May the Peace of God be with you always.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Having lived on a farm, I was told when you kill for food, you honor the animal; when you kill for mercy, the animal honors you.
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    Sorry for the loss of your family member and best friend. I think you did right by him.

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    I knew I shouldn't have read this thread. I feel for you but you did the best thing. Prayers are offered up for your loss and now I'm on the way to hug my golden retriever ( only 3 years old).

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    In my opinion what you did was a sacrifice on your behalf and the least selfish thing you could do. I have seen people with furry best friends that are unable to acknowledge the point to which they are prolonging their pooch's suffering just because they are not ready to give them up. I'm sorry for your loss.

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