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To Kill The One You Love

This is a discussion on To Kill The One You Love within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; God looks after those we love. I just lost a beloved pet to two coyotes. However the end comes it is hard. I understand your ...

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Thread: To Kill The One You Love

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    God looks after those we love. I just lost a beloved pet to two coyotes. However the end comes it is hard. I understand your grief but respect your love of your pet.

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    About 7 years ago we had to put down our bull-mastiff that had been a rescued part of our family for about five years. She loved us more than anything, and we her. She was terrified of people in general, and hated a vet more than anything else.

    She was completely blind, and every time she moved her hips popped- getting up, laying down, and walking- so, we had to. We have her a HUGE ham bone from dinner the day before, laid with her for a couple hours, made her as happy as we possibly could.

    Then we took her out back, and continued petting, and speaking to her as lovingly as possible. As much as it hurt, we used two shots- the first severed her spine, so she felt nothing, and the second to stop her heart. Nothing hurt more than having to do that- but, it ended her suffering with her loved ones around her, and she never knew what happened.

    I understand exactly what you mean, and I'm sorry that you had to go through it. Just know, and always remember, that your beloved Frisco is not suffering anymore, and is most likely chasing some small furry rodent around in a grassy field somewhere under a bright blue sky.
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    I had to put my best friend down a few months ago. If I wasn't in suburbia, I would have done like you. It's been six months and I still choke up when I think of him. The love that a dog gives is pure and unadulterated, maybe that's why it touches us so deeply. We know there are no hidden objectives or ulterior motives, and thus we allow ourselves to return the same kind of unselfish love. It's a level of spiritual connection that is almost impossible to make with another human being.

    Good luck in your healing.
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    I admire your courage and ability to be decisive in a matter as painful as this one. Just reading your post made me choke up, and I know for certain that myself and many others would not have been able to do what you have done. I hope you find some relief and justification in ending your best friends pain, Im sure your dogs last words would have been thank you. Sorry for your loss, Eagle,
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    Praying you have closure in this time
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    From one animal lover to another; I'm very sorry for your loss. Our pets truly are members of our families, I could have never had enough courage to do what you described. I hope you find closure and Frisco is at peace.

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    I'm sorry for your loss, and admire your strength for a difficult act of kindness. I can tell from your post that you gave Frisco the best life he possibly could have had...something I feel that every pet is owed, but too few are given. I hope that you find some peace in time.

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    Your act was of love and compassion, and one day, your friend will great you again and you two will play in an endless pasture of the greenest grass. The pain will lessen with time, but your memories will never fade.

    I had to do the same thing several years ago with the best dog I ever had. I had many dogs before him, and had to have some put down, had some die of age and accident. Dakota was special, raised him from a pup, he was a lab mix and loved all the animals we had on the farm. A couple years after my son was born, he began developing mental issues. I had seen it before when I was younger, he chewed the fender of our car, chewed the siding on the house, and bit my wife causing a 4" gash in her arm. He was no longer himself, I couldn't trust him anymore around my young son. There was no way I could send him to another farm either. The night after he bit my wife, I sat with him for a while, talked to him, cried with him, then did what I had to do to ensure he didn't hurt anyone else or himself. It wasn't his fault, he was ill, it doesn't make it any easier. I take comfort in knowing one day I will see him again, and we'll play and run and wrestle like we used to do.

    Grieve not for your loss, but rejoice in the memories of the life you shared for he is playing in that lush green field waiting for HIS BEST FRIEND to join him.
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