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Sad day....I need your prayers

This is a discussion on Sad day....I need your prayers within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Prayers sent and also very sorry for your loss. "May the souls of the departed find eternal rest"...

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Thread: Sad day....I need your prayers

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    Prayers sent and also very sorry for your loss.

    "May the souls of the departed find eternal rest"
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    Sorry for your loss,I lost my dad to Cancer 3/1/2001,he had been diagnosed with lung cancer and had radiation treatments,he went in the hospital because he wasn't feeling well,he started deteriorating and I was at work when I got the call he was awake,I took off from work and spent some time with him and the rest of the family,then returned to work expecting to see him the next day.He slipped into a coma that night and we never spoke again.I wish I could take back my decision to leave that night,but I have realized no matter how much time we spend with somebody we love it's never quite enough.
    Remember the good times,I believe they are still around,just not in a physical form
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    To quote xkcd, eff cancer.

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    Thank you all for the words. Im trying to get everything done, running on less than two hours sleep. Iv managed to set the funeral arrainged and the estate process started. Its a lot of weight to bare but I am managing. We saw my mom die of cancer in 1988 and she suffered 4 or 5 years before dying and it was rough. What I have gathered is that he slept nearly the whole day, about 4pm he woke up on the couch and told his girlfriend that it was time to go to bed, she told him it was 4 and he went back to sleep. Around 7 he told her he was ready to go up to bed, he was unsteady and lithargic and he layed down to bed. She said he was snoring and moving around as he always did all night and then eventually stopped, she poked him a few times and yell for him and no response and when she touched him he was cold, they called me and 911 and thats where we are at.

    Its killing me. Just Saturday he was fine, he cooked a good meal, invited us over and he ate more than he had in quite some time. When we left nothing seemed amiss, told each other we would talk to each other tomorrow (yesterday) but he slept and I just blew it off as him catching up on sleep since he lost sleep, I never thought anything bad would happen that quick. The doctor gave him a 99% prognosis that treatments would work but he only made it to one. He has had quite a bit of medical issues, diabetic and had a quad bypass in 1994 but he was on the up and up. He was active for the most part until his last day, reired and worked still. Funny, he sold school bus parts, they were his life and the funeral director got the local school district to donate a school bus to have at the Funeral home for a rememberence. Again Thanks for the words all.
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    You are in my prayers. I know it doesn't make it any easier, but I'm glad your dad didn't suffer. One day at a time.

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    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine how you feel. My prayers are with you and your family

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care of yourself in your time of grief.
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    Prayers offered up.

    Each of us should be aware that tomorrow may never come for our loved ones or for us. Take the time to tell your loved ones you love them.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    I lost my Dad in September, to cancer. It was his third bout with it. He won the first two, cancer won the third.

    My Dad passed in the cold impersonal world of a hospital, yours in the comfort of his own home in familiar surroundings. Take some comfort in that.
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    Sorry to hear of your loss.
    Glad to hear you had a great dinner with him.
    My father passed suddenly on New Years day 2010.
    Glad he knew that I loved him, and I knew he loved me.
    Treasure your fond memories.
    Prayers sent.
    God Bless you and yours.
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    I am deeply sorry for your loss and am also sorry that you are tasked with all the arrangements. Remember the good times with your family.

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    My condolences to you and your family.

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    It is hard to lose a dad,my sympathy to you.
    Pain is the best teacher,but nobody wants to go to his class.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this of times
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    Peace to you Sir.
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