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DaveT is DONE.... Well Done, that is !

This is a discussion on DaveT is DONE.... Well Done, that is ! within the Bob & Terry's Place forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by DaveT We won't know the final results until the next full body nuke scan a month from now, but we are certainly ...

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Thread: DaveT is DONE.... Well Done, that is !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveT View Post

    We won't know the final results until the next full body nuke scan a month from now, but we are certainly praying for a good report that says "ALL CLEAR" ! Until then, I'll be working hard to regain my strength and endurance, so I'll be on the board more to bug ya all........... :)
    Good luck, and Bravo for a job Done Well!
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    Will keep you and your family in my prayers...hopefully good news in a month at check-up time!!
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    I'm glad to hear you have all of that behind you; it's brutal, I know. We're also glad to have you back to "bug us" and we'll all be looking forward to the all clear on the scan.
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    Glad You're Back...

    That stuff is nasty...attitude can be a large part of the battle! Keep positive...you are in thoughts and prayers!

    Best wishes from this old dude!

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    Glad to hear the good news. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
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    SOUNDS LIKE GREAT NEWS DAVE!! Good to see you're on the recovery route! BUG Me anytime!! Orrrr I'm sure the Forumites are looking for you to bug em also!
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    Hey everyone. We just returned from Abilene, was a little late getting back in today. Went to the Oncologist this afternoon, had to wait forever to see him, also had to have more blood work done and that held things up a little.

    Oncologist was shocked to see me doing so good. He was still thinking I only had 25 treatments like he first recommended. When he discovered the radiation oncologists had upped that number to 40, he was really surprised. Then, as we continued to talk, he really was amazed when he found out that we went right from the first set of 17 to the left groin area to the 17 for the abdomen, then the 6 back on the groin area with no break in between any of it. He was absolutly flabbergasted, and the look on his face showed it. He kept asking about the side effects I have been and am currently experiencing, wanting to know if I had been honest with the radiation oncologist about how bad I felt. When both Stacy and I assured him that we had told them every week how bad I was, he said he wondered why there was no break in the treatments ???

    Anyway, he complimented me for doing so well, and for looking so good. They had just admitted a lady to the hospital this morning who was experiencing radiation poisoning now, after her scheduled round of 20 treatments ended last week. He urged Stacy to keep a close eye on me and to call them back right away if the side effects don't begin to lessen in the next month, or especially if they get worse.

    The scan to determine the results will be on October 9th. Then we will go back to see the oncologist again on October 16th for the verdict. He did say that after me having 40 treatments, he expects good test results.

    Surprisingly, in spite of all the dotor's concern today, I feel a lot better. All the physical stuff is still there and will be for a while, but I believe my mental outlook is much better now that I know I don't have to make that drive to Abilene every day and get nuked all over again.

    What is not surprising to me is why I think I am doing so well, and why the doctor was so surprised...... it's a direct result of all the prayers said on my behalf by so many good people all over the country !

    For the first time in a very long time, I am going to wake up in the morning and find myself wondering what I'm gonna do all day long..........

    Morning walks to help build my strength and endurance will start in the morning. The doc said today that it could take anywhere from six months to a year to get my strength back. I didn't tell him that I already have a goal of the middle to end of October.... didn't want him to freak out or anything.

    On a side note, no worry anytime of me having a stroke.... blood pressure today was 103 over 63, and pulse rate was 68. I was cruisin', but with those kind of numbers, I should have been snoozin' !

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    Glad to hear you are coming back so well. Sounds like you are in good spirits which must help a lot.

    God Bless.
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    Dave - great to have more feedback and hey - the mental attitude etc is almost #1 and if that is well on the up then you have things well under control.

    That BP!!! Wow - below text book by a good bit - that is excellent! Keep up the recovery even tho some might be a tad slow - but you sure have some fight in ya - and that is magic
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    Good to hear you doing so well. The right attitude is the key.

    I will say this if I may, either way, you would have been the winner in the total outcome. You either have more years upon this earth or you get to meet our Lord and Savior, to me it's a win win situation.

    May you have many more years upon this earth to help out others that are going through what you have, or who may. Just remember, no matter the outcome, you still win.

    I don't know if I said that right, all I'm saying is thank God each and every day, give Him the credit, and live life and be good to your family, your wife (if you are married), you kids and thank God each and every day for them.


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    Great news! Prayer and a good attitude go a long way. I'd be glad to swap BP's though. I'm on meds for mine and we're still in the 140 over 90 range. Runs in my family, oh well. I'm bettin you will beat the docs expectations on the physical recovery.

    Aren't we glad all these doctors are only "practicing"?
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    Congrats Dave. You will continue to be in my prayers.
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