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BugDude FIL Update

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Thread: BugDude FIL Update

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    Peace be with ya'll.
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    Deepest condolences BugDude. Prayers going out to your FIL and the family,
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    Prayers for your family Bugdude.
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    We will keep your FIL,and your family in our prayers. God Bless.

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    You have my prayers, too

    Sorry the news is so bad. I'll continue praying for your family.

    Now I have a practical suggestion. As you spend this time with him, drag out the old family photos and memorabilia, along with an audio or video recorder and ask him to tell all the stories he can think of. Ask him to identify the photos and the people in them. I got some of this from my father in his last years, but we lived a continent apart and I didn't record any of it. So much of that is now lost to us.

    He may enjoy reviewing all that history and your family will be preserving it for future generations.

    God bless.
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    Terrible news. My thoughts and prayers...

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    that's terrible news. it's nice to read that he'll have loved ones around him as he moves on.

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    I'm very sorry to hear this...still on my DC list.
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    The best thing you can have in this life is a loving family, it's doubled when the In-Laws join that group. Prayers sent for you, your family, and your FIL.
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    Tom, so sorry to hear about your FIL. He must be tough to fight all that. My dad died from cancer at 59, so I know what all of you are going through.

    Godspeed to all.

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    What a wonderful legacy of love and affection he will leave behind. Not all are remembered the way you speak of this fine man, and your feelings for him are a blessing to you both. Do what you can to make his final days as comfortable as you can, and do what you can to make them enjoyable. Prayers to your entire family during this difficult time.
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    Words fail me BugDude.........

    This part of life is never easy.
    Spend as much time with them as you and your family can.

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    At last, when life is ended,
    With Him I shall abide,
    Then I may view the pattern
    Upon the upper side;
    Then I shall know the reason
    Why pain with joy entwined,
    Was woven in the fabric
    Of life that God designed.
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    I can't thank you all enough for your support, remarks, and suggestions. For all of you that have dealt with this and are dealing with similar things now, my heart and prayers go out to you.

    It is dificult to face losing my buddy and partner in adventures. Everytime I scored tickets to a PGA, NASCAR, NFL event or whatever he has always been right there. Every trip to Vegas, the beach, etc. we were there. Every time I moved to another state, he'd be right there exploring the new digs. We've played more golf together than I can count. So many good times and laughs, he will be sorely missed.

    Let me tell you about a miracle though. My son is 3 years old and he reminds me a lot of my FIL already. My wife wasn't supposed to be able to conceive after multiple failed surgeries and every fertility treatment known to man. Through the miracle of adoption, we have a wonderful daughter who is 10. That story is a miracle and blessing as unique as she is, and she is my fishing buddy. Through a miracle that no one could possibly explain, she gave birth to our son who goes to the golf course with me, goes to car shows, etc. So, I'm losing one partner but I have two more growing like weeds every day. I will still have buddies and partners in adventure and I get to tell them about all of the things I did with PawPaw and how much fun we had. My FIL had 3 daughters, so he got to do all of the guy stuff with me from the time I was 17. I'm glad he got to spend time with my son to see what having a little boy is like.

    Tough part is I am 600 miles away right now, but my wife is there where she needs to be and I'm holding down the fort. My daughter and I will join them soon. I will be sure to follow the sage advice you guys have given me. Thanks a million. We may be stereotyped by some as a bunch of gun-toting he-man macho whatevers, but you are a very caring and compassionate bunch. I always look forward to coming on DC and chating with yall. Thank you.
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    Buddy, I do know what you're going through.

    Fifteen years ago my Dad, my Mother, and I had a meeting with his Dr. where she looked him in the eye and told him he'd be dead within six months.

    We finally lost him last September after his third bout with cancer. He was a war hero and wrote a book about his life to leave behind as a legacy.

    Have strength and remember the good times. He will live on with what he leaves behind and the lives that he's touched.
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    God bless you and your family. I went thru this with my wife a year ago May 24th. This type of cancer takes our loved ones way to quickly. Be strong for him, do things with him that he has always wanted to do, make his time left the best it can be. Make sure he makes amends with anyone he may have had issues with before.

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