Please indulge. We all have moments where our loved ones are mourned. I tend to drag out the mourning for my fallen warrior brothers! Once the 4th of July comes around, I'm usually over the funk. June Sucks!

Memorial Day is the 'not good' holiday, if you know what it really is meant for (and it ain't meant to have 2fer special sales at the local Mall). So I just thought I'd extend my mood on the whole subject a little bit.

One for rememberance - sweet and 'slighlty upbeat' in rememberance! - PIPES!: You've Never Heard Pipes And Drums Like This Before! - YouTube

Enjoy the upbeat US American Theme of a collection of music performed by the Marine Band (Eight & I evening show): 8th & I honors Sgt. Dakota Meyer with parade: 8th & I honors Sgt. Dakota Meyer with parade - YouTube

May we never forget (often overstated phrase...........). POW/MIA!

Semper Fi,